Minnesota's Coach Kill to retire immediately due to health reasons

Submitted by M Gulo Gulo on October 28th, 2015 at 8:33 AM

Coach Kill announced today that he is retiring effective immediately due to health reasons. Tracy Claeys has been named interim head coach.

— Minnesota Football (@GopherFootball) October 28, 2015



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but the committment it takes to recruit and coach kids is a ton. there is a genuine bond there.  the known health issues have been around in a while.   an immediate retirement is more than 'i'm getting tired', it signals a change of circumstances for the worse.   lets hope i am wrong. 


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in this circumstance.  Minnesota has had a really disappointing season.  It may be that Kill realizes that he cannot give what is necessary for the job anymore.  The health issues and the season they are having may not be completely unrelated and that the issues he is having may be effecting the performance and consistency of the team.  They are having the kind of season that really could create some uncertainty as to the future of a coach, and perhaps Kill just doesn't want to go down that road. 


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It really sucks when great people have to stop doing what they love because of something they have no control over. Best wishes, Coach Kill. Sad to see you go.

SoDak Blues

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All the best to him. He has worked through some serious health issues over the last 10 years, and I hope he can hurdle this to enjoy his family and retirement.


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What a bummer for him, and for Minnesota, and just as they were trying to get over the hump to compete in that division.  Hope he's okay.


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him and this is a shame. It is also a shame that Minnesota is now trying to win one for the gipper. This just became a much more difficult game and we will need to match their intensity, which is going to be very high. Hope all the best for Kill and now we have to prepare ourselves for a nail biter.


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Yeah, hopefully we don't run into another Earl Bruce leaving the school situation.

But no matter what, Coach Kill is a great coach and a class act.  His legacy will stretch well beyond whatever happens on Saturday.


The Mad Hatter

October 28th, 2015 at 8:52 AM ^

I wasn't worried at all about the Minnesota game 30 mins ago.  Now I think they might just give us all we can handle.

Does MN have medical marijuana?  I know it's been very effective for controlling some types of seizures.  Also, I'd like to see Coach Kill stoned and eating ice cream.


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From all accounts a very stand up coach and was doing good things with a fallow Minn program.  Those seizures were certainly scary.

(Minn: Durkin is not the guy for you)

Mr Miggle

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seems to both like and respect. Minnesota's had to play without him before. That shouldn't be a problem, but there's got to be some effect on the team's psyche.

Everyone Murders

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Distinguishing between chubby middle-aged white mustachioed Minnesota football coaches wearing winter gear is kind of like regular folks distinguishing between adult male penguins.

It's a risky endeavor.  Plus I think many folks have also assumed it was Coach Kill in that picture/clip, because it takes a certain amount of cajones to eat a Dilly Bar on the sideline if you're not the head coach.  This AV has the requisite amount of cajones.