Milton & Patterson at Throw It Deep 3 weeks ago (not substantive)

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Co-worker's son saw Milton and Patterson at the Throw It Deep QB camp he was also at about 3 weeks ago.  Son said Milton was a stud and making insane throws.  He was not as impressed with Patterson but clarified that he still looked good. No other insight.  







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I mean Milton hype is pretty insane. Didn't he have a sub 50 completion percentage coming out of HS? And all of a sudden he is Robohenne? Skeptical...yet I'll eat any intel at this point. #footballseasonyet


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I agree. Almost every report I read about Michigan says “One good quarterback away.”  This is not just an mgoblog statement either. I also know this is true for any program, but I’m looking at the depth we are building now and am very pleased. 

Now this is just me babbling, but if the OL improves to a top 30 unit this year, I’m not worried about our offense moving forward. If Warinner = Don Brown, then pay the man whatever he wants.

More babbling: I’m really of the opinion that this season is going to be something special. I also think the silence from Harbaugh on social media and in the press makes me think he does too. I’m imagining a “What’s your deal?” moment for him with Danktiano and a giggling with glee handshake with whatever fecal matter ends up coaching Ohio State this year. We are going to the playoffs and the road is paved. This is the year. 


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I know I will come off as a dick for saying this, but since 2010 Michigan State has 3 B1G titles.  We haven't won a B1G title since 2004.  They don't need validation, they've already validated themselves.  However, they are a dirty shit stained program and they just need to have their ass kicked this year by Michigan in their concrete sewer stadium.  It is time to put things back to normal.  


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I agree to a point...we haven't been Michigan since about 1997...Carr took over a gift and drove it into a cliff. You can tell me all you want about how 'great' he was...but bottom line, he rode high off the success for a while. If you doubt what I am saying or are just too arrogant and jaded to see it, look where the program is right now, and how long it has taken/is taking to fix things. That season of 2008 with Rodriguez was TEN YEARS AGO. My point being, MSU has benefited from our level of pathetic trajectory. With everything Michigan has to offer academically, financially, tradition, etc, it has been a rough climb for what it should have been.

As far as Milton/Patterson, I am truly hoping Milton is the guy. Nothing against Shea and if he comes out with his hair on fire and wins some big games, awesome. But where I stand, if we want to return to the 'glory days' we need to BUILD quarterbacks. Look at our defense and the recruits we buy into Don Brown and know as a freshman they will play. If Harbaugh continues to recruit QBs only to find another grad transfer as a starter, you will never develop your own talent, and you will never land the big guns...To me if its even close, Milton is the starter snap one. Take some hits, see where he matures. We no longer need to make due with Wilton, Cone, Sherridan, and Threat for gosh sakes.


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Patterson is a transfer, not a grad transfer, so he could be at UM more than just one year.  I have to disagree with you if it's close between Patterson and Milton.  Do you want a QB with no collegiate experience starting or one who has been a starter in the SEC previously?

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I agree.  My gut feeling is Michigan will surpass win expectations this season.  I see an OL that has the tools and coaching to finally come together and remind of Michigan OL's of yore.  I see a ton of younger and older, talented guys on both sides of the ball that gained experience last season.  I see another Don Brown coached defense but with 'dudes' galore, as many dudes as we've had in the past 20 years.  And I see the QB spot taking a significant leap forward.


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Can something be considered peak offseason after camp has started? Because if it can, secondhand vague QB reports from a camp I have never heard of has to be it. 


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Well it was the "throw it deep" camp. It's been widely discussed that Milton can throw the ball 80 yds, but can he read a defense or hit a receiver in stride?


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Thanks for sharing and making the post content clear in the title.

I think this is another intriguing report on Milton's strong arm. I really look forward to his development, and I'll bet we see him bomb a few against SMU or whoever with these new redshirt rules.  


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I thought there would be interest that they were both at that camp and not the focus on an aspiring high school QB claimed Milton looked better but that both were an aside, I am looking to cut the cord, any recommendations? Haven't seen anything on the board...

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Is this really thread worthy?  Are we really doing a deep dive into third party comments twice removed as thread starters?  

Does "(Not Substantive)" in the title yell at you "DON'T LOOK IN HERE.  THERE IS NOTHING TO SEE"