Millen simply confirms he is a moron, his take on Gholston

Submitted by iawolve on October 21st, 2011 at 12:12 PM

There a numerous reasons for people in this board to not like Millen. Since I am not a Lion's fan, I just think he is idiot in the same manner of Dr. Lou. When they speak, you realize those guys are fools. However, Millen seems to laugh off behavior that doesn't seem that defensible as if people get their facemask twisted 180 degrees all the time at the bottom of piles. Herbie has to play the grown up and help Fowler out by actually saving the discussion.


Link to the video on ESPN here:


EDSBS making fun of Millen here:



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How in the HELL did Mr Ford look at this guy and decide that he was the one to lead his football organization! Flow of the game??? He did have one good idea though. Go back, look at the tape, and suspend ANYONE who had a late dirty hit. I wonder if MSU would like to have that done.


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Whether or not this is the 4th or 5th time this topic has had a thread, posters have attempted to make comments and have been negged!   Solid comments, redundant comments...   Who cares?

 I haven't read many threads with this much GREY AREA!  I GUESS I SHOULD DO A SEARCH.

Maybe it's the first time they've read this, heard this, found this out.....who cares?  

I could give a shit about points.  Let them post!  WTF?  

Are there that many "holier than thous" out there who need to NEG!  Maybe they should become teachers and grade papers, obviously taking off points?




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Given Millen's track record in football, particularly in the management thereof, his continued employment as an experienced voice regarding the game defies explanation. 


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I saw someone say Millen has been discussed in two other threads this week, but I'm blamed if I saw them, and I'm a two-to-four times a day visitor. 

This is one of the times when the mods go all Mussollini just because THEY feel weary of something when no real harm is being done; a little weak and arbitrary considering some of the derp that prevails here at other times. 


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All of the Millen haters on here need to stop. He is a football genius! The Lions were a powerhouse when he was in charge. Why wouldn't he be giving football advice with his undeniable knowledge? I wake up every day praying he replaces Brandon. Seriously though, I can't believe there is a post about this boy on here. Kill me now lord.


October 22nd, 2011 at 12:04 AM ^

It just confirms every theory that this guy is an absolute effing idiot. what that kid did out on the field that day was absolutely unexcusable and rediculous. all bias aside he deserves far more of a punishment than he recieved.