Mike Weber - Vols #1 school

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Just posted on Rivals message board. Mike Weber (Cass Tech RB) in an interview with InsideTenn blog:

"Up there it's just football, but down here it means so much more. There's a different passion about the sport and I love that."

"All the coaches here make you feel like family," Weber said. "They made sure I felt like I was at home."

"I don't have a decision or time table right now," he said. "I'm just taking my process. Tennessee is the top school right now. Wherever I go I want to come in and help the University the best way I can to win and win bowl games."

"The facility is crazy," the 5-foot-10, 185-pound back said. "It's by far one of the best, if not the best one I've seen so far. I can really see myself here because it would be a good fit for me. The weight room really stuck out to me."

FYI - It could be Mike putting out quotes to see if Michigan comes calling after the Harris commitment per Tim Sullivan



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Up there it's "just football?" Seems like that's the only time I've ever heard that. Everyone else raves about Michigan's family first attitude. 


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Brian linked to this yesterday  . . . Tennessee attendance


Year-Sold // Available for sale // Percent Sold // Season Attendance

2004 // 75,865 // 79,297 // 95.6 // 106,644

2005 // 75,753 // 79,297 // 95.5 // 107,593

2006 // 74,907 // 76,833 // 97.5 // 105,789

2007 // 74,380 // 76,833 // 96.8 // 103,918

2008 // 73,367 // 76,833 // 95.4 // 101,448

2009 // 70,194 // 76,833 // 91.4 // 99,220

2010 // 67,172 // 74,444 // 90.2 // 99,781

2011 // 61,665 // 74,444 // 82.8 // 94,462

2012 // 59,617 // 74,444 // 80.1 // 89,965


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I don't think he was referring to the University of Michigan .. I think he was referring to football in the North vs football in the South in general. I believe he is saying up in Michigan football is just football but down South the fans have more of a passion and its much more than just football to them. I don't think that was a knock on our coaches or family atmosphere


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but he's from Michigan and familiar with Michigan fans.  There aren't as many northern states that take football as seriously as they do in the South, but I don't think there are any Southern schools that take it more seriously than Michigan fans.  I'd add Ohio too. 

With the exception of the kind of fandom which would make droves of people show up for SEC media days, which is just stupid, M fans don't take a back seat to anyone in terms of passion.


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I'd love to keep the Cass Tech  pipeline going, but RB isn't really a HUGE need for the 2015 class anymore.  Plus we haven't been very lucky with RBs from Michigan lately.  


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Oh well, not really sure what to think of this. We landed my top pick so I'm happy. Hate to see him not in blue but at least he didn't say Ohio was #1.


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Here's my thought:

Hoke has said he likes taking a RB in every class, maybe multiple RBs.  That said, every year is a little different, and since we took 3 RBs in 2013, our 2014 class is small and we haven't see any attrition at RB lately like we have at other spots, it makes sense for 2014 to be a year to skip for RB. 

Having Damien Harris in the fold doesn't hurt either. 


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It's possible (even likely) that one or two of the 2013 RB's will redshirt this year.  That essentially puts them into the 2014 class in terms of remaining eligibility.

I agree that it wouldn't be a bad thing if Michigan had to skip a class at RB, especially with the pipeline of talent that is currently coming into the program.  You don't ever want to get caught short but that doesn't appear to be an issue right now.



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I don't see Webber being more than a depth guy who gets some mop up duty, similar to Rawls. With the top line guys we are bringing in right now I can't really fault the kid for looking around.


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It seems to me that Michigan says to its players, "there's more to life than football,"  while the SEC says, "football is life."  I can see the appeal to both if you're a football player. 


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Not to go all bucknuts but I have a very hard time believing this isn't about competition and feeling slighted by all the attention going to our 5 star pickups. There's nothing wrong with that either because you've got to get PT in college to get to the pros, but Weber was loving michigan last week for the very reasons he listed for UT. I was wondering how he'd feel about all our commits giving Patrick so much love and not him. I really think that's contributing here.


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Our Cass Tech guys. Seems like we are missing on more and more of these guys every year! We have not even offered him or the QB Campbell yet. Kinda interesting don't u guys think


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If he decides to go to either of these schools. Either way he'll have to compete with Damien Harris or Jalen Hurd, both of whom are elite talents.

Wolverine 73

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If you're a top flight RB coming out of high school, I get avoiding a school with an entrenched superstar RB.  But none of our guys he would be competing against has proven himself to be that as yet.  If you have confidence in your ability, you go where you want to play and decide to compete.  Tyron Wheatley didn't shy away from Michigan because Ricky Powers was already there, and he took his job away.  If Weber has confidence in himself and wants to be at Michigan, he should go for it and compete for the top spot.