Mike Weber clears the air about shirt, coaches

Submitted by Shaun on February 9th, 2015 at 8:01 PM

Weber took to Twitter to clear the air:


Mike Weber @mikeweber25 · 32m 32 minutes ago

I apologize for simply wearing at T-Shirt to workout in I didn't wear it make a statement I didn't even know I was going on social media


Mike Weber @mikeweber25 · 32m 32 minutes ago Okay y'all can stop judging me now and talk about something else


Mike Weber @mikeweber25 · 7m 7 minutes ago But want to say congrats to coach drayton wish nothing but the best , but excited to have @CoachTonyAlford aboard #GoBucks





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Do Tim Sullivan and Tom VH have to "stop talking about high school seniors" now, too? Just asking.  Sorry, but recruits are news.  That is why the site was almost impossible to access at times on NSD.  

Maybe a better question would be, "Now that Weber has reaffirmed his commitment to OSU, can we stop talking about OSU recruits and start talking about the great class that Harbaugh pulled in this year in such a small amount of time?

True Blue Grit

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Let's just stop the threads about Mike Weber unless the extremely unlikely event occurs where he decides to dump OSU and sign with U-M.  Otherwise, let's move on and talk about players who have signed and/or enrolled at Michigan.  


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Are we bugging him or is he bugging us?

Notwithstanding Weber's comment about Michigan, which was inappropriate based on the fact that if he didn't know that Harbaugh was considering a plan B, he was the only one on the planet who hadn't heard about Higdon and others, my thoughts about Weber have changed some.  

Meyer is still a lying POS, but Weber has also played this way beyond what was necessary. Ditto for his mother.  She, I guess, didn't know how to use her browser to see comments on 11 Warriors and to realize that not everyone wearing scarlet and gray loves Mikey.

Enjoy Columbus.


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I feel like I've had this discussion with a half-dozen people here, so whatever.  Higdon was a surprise to a lot of people, if for no other reason than he was barely mentioned as a potential RB recruit until shortly before he committed.  Yes, there had been some rumors out there about a possible flip, but I'm sure Weber (and lots of people) were surprised.  

Weber was working out and one of his teammates took a picture/video of it and posted it to instragram.  So basically, Weber's "game playing" was him wearing clothing while he did inclined leg presses.  

As for all this "he didn't want to compete" crap, I have to imagine he looked at the depth chart at the reigning NC, saw 4 potential Heisman trophy winners in the backfield, and still thought it was worth accepting the offer.  He's a 4*, best kid-in-the-state RB - he's competed his whole life, so I highly doubt he's scared away by another recruit and some holdovers.  

My honest, subjective guess about the situation is that he never felt a connection to the current staff because of the compressed timeframe, and that OSU felt like a great landing spot until Drayton bolted.  He lives in Detroit and gets constant crap about picking OSU, so I'm not surprised that a HS senior might want to keep everyone happy by being vague about his future plans.  And just because his Mom came out and said, after some pretty terrible things were directed at her son, that UM fans need to leave her son alone doesn't make her a drama queen or him looking for attention.  And the fact that OSU has its share of mouthbreathers in no way absolves the UM fans for acting like assholes.


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Bri'Onte Dunn shot himself in the foot when he told the coaching staff that he was too good to play special teams and he demanded more playing time. Urban has said from day 1 that you earn time by first excelling at specials teams, and Dunn decided he was above that...


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Of god enough about this kid. We are as bad as the Oakland still has a chance with JH people. Its borderline creepy at this point.

Hes gone lets move on to people that wanted to go to U of M.