Mike Parrish Named Football Director of Operations

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ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- University of Michigan head football coach Rich Rodriguez announced Tuesday (Aug. 3) during the media session of the 2010 Big Ten Kickoff Event that Mike Parrish has been promoted to Director of Football Operations. Parrish came to Michigan with Rodriguez in January of 2008, assuming the dual role of recruiting assistant/operations assistant for the past two-plus years.

"Mike understands our program," Rodriguez said. "I think he's an outstanding administrator. Mike has done a great job with everything we've given him to do."

Parrish joined the staff after a two-year stint as an administrative graduate assistant at West Virginia (2006-07). He earned his bachelor's degree in business administration at WVU in 2006 and his master's degree in sports management in 2008.

Parrish is originally from Hershey, Pa.



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Not sure who has the final say, but I like the idea of promoting from within whenever possible. Glad to see that Brandon isn't trying to put his stamp on everything. This guy is part of Rich's tree, a good thing.

Might it be possible to say that this change (from Labadie to Parrish) is a watershed moment, and the transition period is finally over? We have a new AD and a new Director of Football Operations. Harmony reigns, and the coaches and the players can focus on the game, instead of the departmental pissing contests of the past two years?