Mike & Mike rip Rosenberg

Submitted by SpreadGuru on May 21st, 2010 at 7:13 AM

On ESPN's Mike & Mike this morning, Greenberg took a big exception with Rosenberg's column today about Lance Armstrong.  Rosenberg's take was "now that Floyd Landis says that Armstrong doped, we can no longer assume that Lance's story is true." 

What?  It is typical Rosenberg to take a convicted liar, who plead his innocent to anyone who would listen, wrote a book and then "told to the truth to free his conscience."  Greenie was beside himself with how idiotic that column is.

My response was:  You should see his other columns.  He is a shock journalist and figures is he attacks the institutions (UM, Armstrong) that people believe in, then he must be doing his job. 

In summary, Rosenberg is not an asshole but also just a miserable journalist.



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It was great.  I haven't heard Greenie ever get that upset about another journalist.  it felt good to know that the Free Press is gaining national recognition for their eternal sucking of balls - and for poor journalistic skills. 


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that they look further into the BS this guy has been writing over the last two years, and start to figure out that he should not be considered a journalist. It would be really cool for a real journalist to do research on how he manipulates poor data into shock stories to gain money and fame.  I can dream, right?


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I go to the Sports Illustrated site a few times a week and I cringe every time I see an article from that jacka$$.  I suppose his purpose in life is to draw clicks (there and elsewhere).


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First off, don't get your hopes up with the Freep suddenly realizing that Rosenberg should be canned. This is the same paper who has employed Drew Sharp for so many years. For all the lousy work Rosenberg has done lately, it pales in comparison to Sharp's resume. What I can't figure out is what happened. Rosenberg used to be a pretty decent columnist and proud UM alumnus. Then he snapped with the Rodriguez stuff, the Calipari hypocricy, and now this Armstrong piece.


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on Facebook and he occasionally comments on his wall.  It takes every ounce of self control I can muster to lay into the guy on my buddy's facebook page.

I can't imagine that he is very well respected by his peers, especially those who have advanced their careers by responsible journalism.


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It takes every ounce of self control I can muster to NOT lay into the guy on my buddy's facebook page.

And my avatar would be more recognizable if you could read the banner above her head (ND-34, Michigan-37, 4th, 0:11).

It was either her or this couple.  I think I made the right choice.


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Love how you captured this frame as the girl is pursing her lips to say "Wow."  (Can you tell I've watched this moment, along with zit-picking girl, something along the lines of 34585678894098884 times?)


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... is that Rosenberg is a Mitch Albom wanna-be; and the Freep encourages this stuff as a hedge against the point that Mitch decides to part ways with the Freep.

Say what you want about Mitch, he is one hell of a successful writer. TWM has sold more than 14 million copeis!  I saw his play "Duck Hunter Shoots Angel" at the Purple Rose Theatre and it was excellent.

Rosenberg tries to be glib and clever and ends up falling on his face.  He can't carry Albom's lunch box.

This lazy story about Lance is just another example of poor writing and non-existent editing.

But a lack of editing and integrity is what we've come to expect from the Freep, right?




Foote Fetish

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No qualms with him as a sports writer, but I have to disagree on Duck Hunter Shoots Angel.  Great cast, great direction and production value, miserable script.  His the script for his follow up play, And The Winner Is, was even slightly worse.


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Anyone who can battle life-threatening cancer and come back to win the TDF deserves respect and the benefit of the doubt. He has been the most tested athlete ever, and has not failed a test. FU Floyd. Here's hoping Lance is back in the saddle soon after yesterday's crash and is ready to kick ass and take names in July. 


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WWWeeeeeelllllll technically he has failed one doping control. It was for, get this, cortisone in a cream to treat a saddle sore. He had a medical exemption and all was fine. Personally, I think you should be able to take whatever you want for a saddle sore... those things HURT.


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This means that Rosenberg got talked about on National TV (Radio).  That's all he wants, really, I'm sure he'd rather be ripped apart on-air than not talked about at all.


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It would be interesting to dig into the archives to see what he had to say about Floyd Landis when his doping was exposed and he was denying it. I would imagine Rosenberg didn't think he was that credible back then.


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Other than apparently being an Albom wannabe and collecting a paycheck from the same company that employs Albom, these are the closest "similarities" I could find.

Albom plays graet solo piano; Rosenberg plays with himself. 

Albom is a winner of multiple national awards; Rosenberg looks like a multiple loser in dodge ball.

Albom has been on the New York Times bestseller list for both fiction and non-fiction; Rosenberg's non-fiction book has almost reached "niche" status and his fiction occasionally makes the freep's "most-read" list, even though he represents it as fact.

Albom has Tuesdays with Morrie; Rosenberg has the rest of the week lying to teenagers for his next "expose."

Albom has the respect of the "jockocracy;" Rosenberg is a "jock-sniffer."


I guess Rosenberg's "Albom wannabe" status is safe for the time being.

Monocle Smile

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is really that much better than some of the hack jobs Rosenberg writes (judged purely on writing quality, not incrimination or public needling), then I suggest you take an English class. We had to read that awful book in AP English Language because my teacher thought we were a kindergarten class and it was high enough quality. Worst book I read in high school, hands down. Bestseller? Maybe. Doesn't mean it's any good. Albom should stick to columns.