Mike Jones to leave Football Team

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According to Sam Webb on Twitter Sr. LB Mike Jones is also leaving the football team. This follows on the heels of Jr. Safety Marvin Robinson leaving as well.



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Well, if you look at older guys who are buried on the bench, that seems to be a good place to start when "predicting" these things.  Jordan Paskorz and Richard Ash are redshirt juniors who are behind some youngsters, and Josh Furman is in the same boat, although Robinson's departure opens the door there a little bit.  There have also been injury-related rumors about Antonio Poole, who will be a redshirt sophomore this year.

For the record, I'm not promoting the idea that any of these guys should depart.  

I didn't really expect Wilkins, Ringer, or Jones to be on the 2013 roster, so Robinson's is the only departure so far that has come as a bit of a surprise.

Mr. Yost

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I wouldn't be surprised if we lose a CB in the fall once the freshman arrive. There always seems to be someone that makes everyone go "why didn't (insert name here) leave earlier? He could've sat the summer, and practiced this fall, etc. etc. etc."

We've got 2-3 CBs that haven't played that much, you'd expect them to contribute this year. But then again, you would've expected them to contribute in the bowl game vs. moving Norfleet to defense or J. Wilson to Nickelback. Especially when Ace Sanders was looking like Wes Welker. So if those same 2-3 guys get buried by the true freshman...I'd add at least one guy to the list above.

Again, not promoting anything...just saying "based on what you've seen in the past...if I had to guess..."

Otherwise, I think you hit the nail on the head.


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There may be a few who are hanging on, knowing that they have a chance to make the two deep or have a chance to hit the field if there is an injury.

HOWEVER, if in August it quickly becomes apparent that the incoming Freshmen have passed them, and that they're NOT going to see the field, I could see a few more dropping off the team. If you're only going to be on the scout team, and you want to start every week, you need to go to a lesser team.

The other interesting question is how scholarships work. That is to say, do players keep scholarships if they drop off the team? I could see a senior sticking it out through September, but dropping at that time, if that made a difference in receiving free tuition, room, board, etc., for the 2013 - 2014 school year.

Mr. Yost

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...if a kid transfers, the current school pays his scholarship until he enrolls at a new school.

...if a kid quits, that scholarship is usually forfeited at the end of that semester.

...if a kid is cut, dismissed, etc. it's situation based based on the circumstances.

For example if the person is straight kicked off the team, he's violated the rules, broke the law, whatever. Usually they try and pull the scholarship. However, he's treated like a regular student in most cases and can go before a board at the University to retain the aid. In many cases the student wins, it doesn't mean they're on the team, but they still keep their scholarship.

If he just sucks, he can be cut, keep the scholarship and just go to class. Obviously, usually kids transfer in this case. But like those guys at Arkansas, if they want, they can say "screw you Bielima" and keep their scholarship for the year. Football is a little different because many times it's on a year-by-year basis.

There are obviously ways around a lot of this and certainly exceptions. But it's actually hard to "get rid" of a kid just because you don't like that individual. In football we see it more because these guys want to play, so you tell them, "look, you're never ever going to see the field" ...and they leave.

The last thing to note is that a scholarship is about academics, it has nothing to do with being on the team. A coach can kick whoever they want off their team (with approval from athletics administration), but pulling a scholarship is a lot harder.

I actually went through this exact situation this winter with one of my coaches. She wanted to kick a player off the team for being a bad influence on the rest of the team. We took it to the AD and he said, "she doesn't have to be on the team, but I'm not pulling her aid." He also commented that if he did pull her aid and the player went to the University board, she'd get it right back because there wasn't enough to pull the scholarship.

We dismissed the girl from the team, planning to continue her aid for the next 1.5 years, but she transferred over the winter and the team got her scholarship "back" as the result.


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