Mike Jones to leave Football Team

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According to Sam Webb on Twitter Sr. LB Mike Jones is also leaving the football team. This follows on the heels of Jr. Safety Marvin Robinson leaving as well.



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I wish him well and hope he finds a spot where he is happy.  He came here with best intentions.  Sometimes it does not always work out exactly as planned, but that's OK.  There is no one single path to success in life.


Mr. Yost

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...or transfers.

These are only affecting this year so it doesn't open more scholarships. It's just guys that can potentially graduate and move on in life.

I assume Robinson will graduate in the spring and Jones is in Grad school.

Best of luck to both. Neither a blow.

Again, this isn't really affecting next year so while it may seem like guys like Furman, Paskorz, Ash, etc. may be next...they're not going to make the 2014 class any bigger because none of them were counted against next years total (even though some of them could be as RS SRs).


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Who's out next so we can be sure and be REALLY far under the signing limit before the season? /s

It feels like the bell is ringing and another walk on is getting his 2013 wings.....


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or this lmao.. some of the posters on there are so far up their own ass it is brutal...


"Mattison is also promising the NFL to recruits. I think this is borderline unethical since only a small fraction will ever play in the NFL. But its not against the rules to make promises to recruits; they just find out the hard way. UM promises championships too. 1 since WWII is pretty flimsy. Hoke is also touting an "anything goes" approach to discpline. You pretty much will get to keep playing short of the 6 arrest Stonum rule.

Re Mattison, the whole Ravens angle is baffling, but to your point, recruits are just accepting what Mattison says without actually looking into the facts. Mattison was there 2 short years -- the defense got worse while he was there -- and he got canned. No one in Baltimore is pining for a return to the Mattison era.

At Florida, Charlie Strong led the defense. Period. He was the hottest D-coach in the country. Sad that Mattison is telling recruits how much his equally brief term at FL had an impact. Its was all Charlie Strong. No one @ Florida talks about the Mattison days. Sad that Marshall bought into Mattison's story.

Looking forward to our game with UM this Fall, that's for sure."

Dallas Walmart…

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One need look no further than the Michigan defense of the last two years (especially considering where it was the previous two years) to measure Mattison's value.  I would think that would be obvious to anyone.  Then again, I'm down here in Texas and don't regularly run into MSU grads, so I don't know what crosses the "obvious" threshold.  I get that they hate UM, but this is silly.

Mr. Yost

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10 Potential Canidates for a 1-Year Scholarship


  1. Bo Dever
  2. Brian Cleary
  3. Joe Kerridge
  4. Jareth Glanda
  5. Joey Burzynski
  6. Graham Glasgow
  7. Erik Gunderson
  8. Joe Reynolds
  9. Kenny Allen
  10. Ryan Glasgow

I assume the Bolded guys already have a scholarship...IMO Cleary, G. Glasgow and Reynolds are the next up.



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sigh...not a good couple of days for some of the older guys on the roster.

Wish them well, hopefully they will get some mileage out of their degrees

the Glove

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He just got buried by all the young talent and never really stood out as somebody who was going to legitly compete for a starting position and maintain it. I would have to guess him and Marvin probably discuss their departure together.


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MGoBlue lists Mike Jones as a resdshirt senior, which would mean potentially that he is in a position to graduate this spring and has one year of eligibility left, if he wanted to play (and start grad school) somewhere else. Regardless, hopefully his Michigan degree grabs him some success and best of luck to him in the future. 


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I also read somewhere that another player received his release from the team. Due to it just being rumor at this point I'll withold the name. I guess we are starting to see the room open up for the next recruiting class. 


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I hope both he and Marvin find their spot and get to contribute somewhere.  But losing all these upper class guys gives me pause when thinking about how our special teams coverage performed a couple years ago when we were relying on lots of freshmen.  Or injuries when we are relying on starters.  Please please be unfounded concerns. 


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Just goes to show you have useless a 3-scholarship for each of 3 years penalty is. UM will be under the OSU limit again this year (not counting the bonus walk-on scholarships that will be given out)


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Student Conflict Resolution center at different times this past term.  Each time with some type of parental figure.  I would've guessed it was them based on that, but I didn't want to throw random speculation out there.  


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Frankly, I'm surprised Mike Jones stuck around this long. I thought he might be on the way out when Hoke first got hired, I was a little surprised when he stuck around for 2012, and then I was even more surprised when he was still on the roster this spring.  I don't wish him any will, but he's clearly just not on par with Michigan-caliber players athletically.  If he wishes to continue his football career, I hope he does it on the FCS or D-II level, because I don't think he can hack it in FBS.