Mike Hart a future Michigan Head Coach???

Submitted by TNWolverine on November 26th, 2010 at 6:47 AM

I found this article while I was at work and thought it was pretty cool.  The article basically quotes Hart saying that his dream job is to coach at Michigan one day. Here is the link: Enjoy



OMG Shirtless

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You're completely batshit insane if you think posting an OP that even mentions the head coaching position isn't going to be met with hostility.  The subject has absolutely been beaten to death this week.  Right or wrong, people see the word "coach" and it sets them off.   For every legitmitate thread, such as this, there have been 100 complete and utter bullshit ones.  People are sick of it.  Your OP and this OP just happened to get caught in the crossfire. 


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Is it "batshit insane" to expect my fellow Mgobloggers to read the post before commenting on it?  I totally agree that if the OP had in any way mentioned Hart as a possible replacement to RR people would be correct in going off but his post was anything but that.  And just like in mine, some dickwad makes a snarky comment  without even bothering to read what he's commenting on. 

Perhaps I'm being pollyannaish in expecting this but I would hope people would take the 30 seconds or so required to actually to read what is written before rendering their opinion on its content.


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That's funny and unfortunately true.  You have edited some of your responses to my posts so I know you do it but I'm amazed how many don't.  I guess I live in a world where I believe my opinion only has value if based in....I dunno...facts or something.  And how could my opinion have any basis in anything if it's formed without reading the work I am commenting on?


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I just get very irritated when people talk about the Head Coaching job......all it does is add negative connotations to Rich Rod and hinders recruiting. ALL IN!! .......now would I like hart as a RB coach if fred jackson ever retires, ......well sure. 


And lets not get this twisted, you will not find a bigger Hart fan, it just pains me when we talk so candidly about the Head Coaching position. Rich Rod has deserved another year, I mean just look at our offense.......with a decent defense the sky is the limit. 


November 26th, 2010 at 9:20 AM ^

Perhaps we are (rightly) sensitive about all these replacement-speculation posts, but this article is about Mike Hart's dreams, not any subversive plots for overthrow.  And he's obviously in no hurry:

"Directing the Wolverines, he added, would only be possible if he followed the necessary path: perhaps a graduate assistant position somewhere, followed by being a position coach and maybe a coordinator. Then . . . Michigan.

"That would be crazy," Hart said. "It's a long way to go and a lot of steps to get there."

Michigan is Hart's ideal destination, but any college position would suffice. That, he insisted, is where he could make a lasting impact by tapping into and sharing his experiences as a collegian and pro.

Anybody have a problem with him coming back to be a grad assistant? 

KC Wolve

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Guess I haven't been around long enough for people to get my sarcasm. I was totally kidding about the job not being open post. Sorry.

For some reason I can't edit the first post/apparently unfunny joke I made about the job not being open. Please stop negging me you sensitive pricks.


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500 points? I have seen some pretty dumb posts on here and I was just trying to shed some positive light on the program for once because im sick of seeing stuff about RR and Harbaugh. It would be different if I posted this tomorrow, but there is nothing else to talk about on a friday.


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I hope he has some long playing days ahead of him still in the NFL.  That would be a terrific story to see him back in the athletic department in some capacity someday, and I would welcome him with open arms.


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If the feces makes contact with the rotary blade on Saturday, I am in favor of 5000 points, or maybe even a lockdown for the first 48 hours afterwards.

In defense of the OP, though, this is not another OMGFRDKRODPLS post.  If anything, Hart might even make a nice protege for RR, especially considering the "tradition issue" that so many detractors cite.  When Hart's playing days are over, he would be an interesting bridge: LC playing pedigree and RR coaching pedigree. 

And I agree that he would definitely "spice up" Sparty week. 


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But I'll admit it: Mike Hart is my all-time favorite Michigan Wolverine.  Personally, I'd love to him run the team one day.  Obviously, he needs to put in some time coaching someplace after his playing career is over.  

Tim Waymen

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Courtesy of Michigan Sports Center (z"l):

“That’s a guy I have no respect for. When you graduate from the University of Michigan and you’re going to talk about your school like that, a great institution like that we have, to say we’re not true student athletes. It’s coming from a guy who, I don’t know, maybe wants to coach here, and is mad he didn’t get a job here. A guy like that I have no respect for. It’s funny to me, because we don’t let great student-athletes in, but he just accepted one of our transfers [Jason Forcier]. What kind of sense does that make? He obviously wants guys like us at his school and he’s mad he can’t get them. It’s nothing against Stanford. I just have no respect for that guy. I don’t know how you can say that. He’s not a Michigan man. I obviously wish he never played here before.”

Harbaugh responded to it in a rather dismissive way.  I don't know how much either still cares about the incident.


November 26th, 2010 at 10:58 AM ^

I would give a pass to Hart, because how old was he when he said that.  Harbaugh, how old was he when he said that.  When I was in my 20's, almost everything I said, I wish I could take back, not so much now that I am in my late 30's. 


November 26th, 2010 at 11:36 AM ^

I like swagger as long as you can back it up, which both did.  I don't like it but, I can accept it.  What I can't accept is talking trash about your school for any reason.  I don't care if he was right or wrong, just don't air out family business.  If you do, because you can control your enormous mouth or ego, then apologize for it.


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Point 1

I <3 Mike <3

Point 2 

No one is suggesting that he take over for Rich Rod after this season. Mike Hart is what 24 years old? It's likely he would be in his 40s before he'd be able to coach at a school like Michigan after he works up the ranks of running backs coach at a small school, assistant at a small school, head coach at a small school, head coach at mid level school, head coach at big school (Michigan maybe?). Rodriguez is 47 and likely wont be here in 16-20 years (come on will he still be coaching at 63 after winning a couple national championships at Michigan?)


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I could see Mike Hart as a grad assistant then our RBs coach insdie of the decade....

There is something about playing for a coach who has been there and done that that makes young 18 y/o's just shut up and listen.. especially on technique stuff. Plus, Mike angry is probably terrifying.


November 26th, 2010 at 9:59 AM ^

I hope that, 10 years from now, RichRod hires Mike Hart as a position coach (maybe running backs?) and he learns the spread offense. Then, he works his way up to offensive coordinator, then maybe gets a job at Eastern Michigan or Western Kentucky for a few years. Then, when Rodriguez retires, we can poach him. Sounds like a plan to me.