Mike Hart free signing at new A2 Menards 10/1

Submitted by CalJr3000 on September 24th, 2015 at 8:45 PM

FYI to all autograph collectors, Mike Hart will be signing for free at the new Ann Arbor Menards next Thursday, October 1 from 6-8.  It's on Jackson Rd. west of Zeeb on the south side (same side as that Meijer).  The flyer also notes that Chris Chelios (Monday the 28th, 6-8) and Herman Moore (Wednesday the 30th, 6-8) are also scheduled.  Fine print is

Limit two free autographs per person.  Autograph lines subject to close at 7 PM.  Appearances subject to change or cancellation without notice



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I don't think he'd have been a 1st ballot HOF WR (few are) but he was one of the few Lions that Barry didn't make rich by stealing all the defensive focus. Moore was legit. A real 6-4, 200ish guy with solid hands and speed. He was a track guy at UVA and could jump out of the Silverdome. As you said, he just fell fast. He went from great to gone real quick due to injury.


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Fortunately I already scored mine years ago.  I never understood why so many of these are during the week though. It would be better to do them on the weekends. 


For Example: John Wangler, Anthony Carter, and Jon Falk are at the campus M-Den tonight.


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Wonder if he hates Nick Lowe who has pretty much the same store across the street. Just kidding Nick "cruel to be kind" Lowe does not own Lowes.

Who the heck would want to shake Larry Menard's hand unless he is giving me a free air compressor? Then again I don't understand why grown people want autographs...


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I don't know how many MGoBloggers / Metro Detroiters here might know this, but the Gibraltar Trade Center in Taylor, which was once the famed Joshua Doore showroom / warehouse back in the day, is being demolished / renovated (partial tear down, I believe, or that's what thy told us when we wrote the order to kill the service) and turned into a Menard's as well. 


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the difference between Ann Arbor and Scio is, as George Harrison once said, all in the mind, ya know? If anything, Scio is missing out on not being named Ann Arbor Township, the relationship between the two is very similar to the one between Ypsi/Ypsi Township or Plymouth and Plymouth Township. 

East German Judge

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"I'm ranked #2 in the country, and work at the elite agriculture, horticulture and turf management school.  But NOOOOOOO, what does Menards do for their newest store's grand opening, they get Mike Hart to do an autograph signing.  Hell, the disrespect never stops!"

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Mike Hart will be coaching WMU's running backs against tOSU this Saturday. I wonder how many Boos he gets there.  I know it is probably 1000-1 odds WMU pulls it out but i hope they keep it close like NIU did last week. Go Broncos.