Mike Hart to be Indiana RB Coach

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Seems noteworthy, especially since a lot of people wanted him here. Back in the B1G, at the very least!


Can confirm IU intends to hire former Michigan Wolverine, Indianapolis Colt Mike Hart as its new running backs coach. #iufb

— Zach Osterman (@ZachOsterman) March 2, 2017


Everyone Murders

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But yet another reason to pull for Indiana in their rivalry game with MSU*.  Best of luck to Mike Hart in that position!

*Not even joking.  This is a "thing" with a trophy (The Old Brass Spittoon) and everything that goes into a rivalry.  Except a great competitive history.  And the fanbases caring about one another.  And general knowledge of the rivalry.  But it's got everything else.


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for his legs-like-fire-hydrant power runs, always getting 1-3 yards more than most on sheer strength and will; and for creating the most famous meme I can recall in sports rivalries- Little Brother.


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Speaking semi-seriously here, you might have him mixed up with DeVeon Smith, who *did* get extra yards on strength and will.

Mike got most of his extra yards through his extraordinary vision that allowed him to find the hole or space where he could dive forward (and sometimes sideways). Yes, he was strong, but that wasn't his principal feature.


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This is one of those times when everyone can be right.  Mike had great vision AND a knack for getting a few extra yards at the end of many runs based sheerly on strength, will and an ability to use his low center to lean/squirt forward. 

For the record his ball handling, in my humble option, was his main/principle feature.  1015 attempts and only 3 lost fumbles for his career, two of which came in his last game.

Highlight video because Mike Hart was awesome...



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And yet . . . Freshman Hart didn't start until the third game after Tim Bracken, Jerome Jackson, Pierre Rembert and David Underwood all failed to meet expectations running behind the same line. (Underwood and Jackson each started 2 games in 2004). Those names probably don't mean much to most Mgoreaders but back when they were recruited they were well thought of by knowledgeable observers.

And some not-so-knowledgeable observers. Scout thought Rembert was on the same level as Clarett and claimed Michigan's coaches saw him "as the next A-Train." http://www.scout.com/college/football/recruiting/story/32924-pierre-rem…



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I still have one of his jerseys.

But he had all All American Baas on his freshmen line who moved to Center & won the Rimmington.  
Then 2 time All American & eventual #1 Jake Long at LT (where coincidently most of Hart's runs were).  
Now these were not the world-beating Michigan O-lines from a couple years before, but i don't think anyone could objectively call them bad (I know you weren't saying that)

I think every RB owes a good deal of their success to their line and I think Hart is no exception.

In fact (since the poster below list RB's he beat out for the position) I'd say that Hart had a unique skill-set that made him the perfect back for his time at Michigan.

1. He didn't fumble (like EVER)

2.  He had patience (with his slower speed & the type of line he had this was crucial)

3.  He was tough, & fought for extra yards every time.



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he did have some beasts to run behind, that's true. But our fairly recent experience has to have taught us by now that it is critical to have a back who can exploit the gaps the OL creates. Hart did that. And more with his balance and power. I had grown so used to there always being a Michigan back who could do these things...It has been a long time between Hart and now, and I'm still not thinking we have that. Maybe this year...


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Hell, when Fred was coaching the RBs, it took something out of the ordinary to be the main ball carrier as a freshman. It appeared that he was trying to bring them around, almost in qb fashion and have them ready to saddle up their final two seasons.

But I do recall his first game vs IA, IIRC: Watching hiim asslst the offense down field with what seemed like nothing less than 7 yd gains, it was obvious we had a pretty good one on our hands. But it was at about the ten, and he saw the phylon,and in his refusal to go down, he committed his first and only fumble, prior to the final game of,his Michigan career. It became obvious at that time we had someone truly special on our hands. It was easy to see no matter the level of competition in h.s., he was one of those RBs when he thought he could make the goal line, simply would not stop. Replaying that run in my mind now and I can visualize all three of the DLmen who hit him and hung on as he moved from the 10 to roughly the 2. Roth(believe that was his name), nasty DE, was the final one and stripped the ball at the 2 and IA recovered. That was roughly between  750.to 850 lbs of.DL he was carrying on that play. LC didn't even mess around and pretend. I am really attempting to  think of another, but can't think right now of another M RB who did not set out at least one play after committing a fumble. 

Happy for his promotion to the BIG, although technically it's a lateral move. He is also a decent recruiter, but we'll find out for sure as the competition for those special ones play out. According to Fleck, he was instrumental in helping assemble the three best classes in W. MI history, with 2014 considered the greatest ever recruiting class in the MAC. He did get the former UM commit to sign at Syracuse, something he could not have done if M hadn't notified him he would not be playing RB, but although the returns are early, I think he's going to become a force in recruiting. High schoolers really are drawn to him, and his name is still well recognized throughout BIG land. Keep pushing Mike, and I know you will, and that dream might come true. 


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I don't know anything about the history of this trophy, but awarding a cheap old piece of metal that people spit into seems like the perfect trophy to be given to the winner of the annual MSU Indiana showdown. 


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As the OP mentions, at least Mike Hart is back in the conference again, eh? It also seems like a definite step up, which is of course the idea as a position coach, I would think. 

Best of luck to him at Indiana.Would like to see the MSU reply to this hire myself, as apparently others do. 


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I'm not sure it's a step up. He'll be working under DeBord, not Wilson, and Greg Frey won't be supplying AA OL in front of the Indiana RBs.

I really hope it works out for him but jumping onto a program in decline wouldn't be my choice.


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It is a hard life being an assistant but moving around, keeping up the connections and sticking with it has been part of every coach's CV.

It will be fun to see him back at the Big House.


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Syracuse runs the Dino Babers, "FUCK IT GO DEEP" offense. Lots of no huddle 5 wide ball. Not the ideal place for a RB coach looking to move up the ranks. Syracuse was probably more of a personal fit (isnt he from Central NY?) than a professional fit.