Mike Farrell with a ton of praise for some UM recruits...

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In Farrells 'NSD 2019 Wrap-Up: Big Ten superlatives', he specifically mentions Giles Jackson as Mr. Versatile, Daxton Hill as Speed Demon, Chris Hinton as Future Number 1 Pick, and Zach Charbonnet as Instant Impact. 

Lists a Michigan player in  5 of the 11 Big Ten Categories.



4th and Go For It

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posted this on the recruiting main page post today but looking at 247, they rank a school's all-time commitments as well - next year Michigan will have 5 of their top 25 all-time recruits on the team.  Shea Patterson (who's not listed there because he committed to Ole Miss and transferred in, would be our 3rd highest ranked recruit ever, followed by Dax at 8 (or 9 if you count Shea in there), DPJ at 9 (or 10) Chris Hinton at 15 ( or 16 ), and Bredeson at 23 (or 24).  Ruiz, Charbonnet, and Luiji Vilain are all in the top 50 and on the roster as well. 


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That's awesome. Unfortunately OSU still has a decent more team talent. We beat them in recruiting in '19. It looks like they'll have the better '20 class. IMO We need to get within a spot or two of them in the '21 class rankings to get back into this rivalry. Meyer was a phenomenal recruiter. Hopefully Day reverts back a bit.


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Maybe that's just my frustration talking, sorry :/.  But, when I hear that this team has a high number of our all time recruits on it I think one can extrapolate that it means it will also be one of our best if you are of the thinking that recruiting rankings correlate well to success, which they do.  For me it's hard to get too far ahead of ourselves when saying praise about the anything beyond the 2019 class when OSU has out-recruited and beat us on the field for the better part of a decade.  I know I brought them both up, I don't feel like it's hard to connect the dots.


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Even if true that doesn't mean we can't beat them.

Can't beat them and are not likely to beat them are 2 different things.  We can, but are not likely to.

Ask Purdue

Purdue has a few built in advantages that UM does not have the luxury of when facing OSU.  One, is being a lower tier B1G team OSU typically does not get up for them.  Two, they play them in the middle of the year.  With UM being a hated rivalry the last game of the season it ensures UM gets their best effort and it is not a trap game or let down game that comes before or after another big opponent.  UM is their biggest opponent every year.

Perkis-Size Me

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Yeah, with as great a coach as Meyer is, you had to wonder how his teams could look so woefully unprepared at times against vastly inferior teams. Specifically Iowa and Purdue. Even 2015 against MSU. Even though MSU had a great team that year, it was still on the road with a backup QB. That was arguably OSU's greatest team ever assembled, and they just got punk'd on their own field.

Wonder if they just get drilled and prepared on Michigan so much throughout the year that they sometimes forget to put enough emphasis on those other teams. Because when OSU came into the Michigan game....my god were they laser-focused, precise, lethal, and merciless. Don't know, just speculating, but I know they prepare for the Michigan game every single week. 

That's why I respect all the more what Nick Saban's teams do at Alabama. They somehow find a way to treat every game like they're playing Auburn. Every game is personal, and every Saturday, Alabama has the intent to go out, crush it's opponent's spirit and bury them in their own blood.


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Eh, he's still got quite a bit less than OSU.  OSU has the #1 overall team talent last year according to 247.  UM had the #8.  FWIW Alabama had the #2.  We're getting closer, but we all saw what #1 vs #8 did last November.  I'd say you need to stay within 5 spots to be competitive unless you have a playmaker at QB that carry a team ala Haskins, Watson, etc.  


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but you are parsing the difference pretty finely.

the difference between a top 8 team versus a top 4 team isn't as much as people think it is... Clemson's first national championship team didn't have a class in the top 5 

the fact is that other teams have beaten OSU with lesser talent, which is the argument you were making. Now you're moving the goal posts.

Michigan is on the other side of the rivalry - maybe they should step up and beat a team with more talent than they have for a change.

its always some excuse:

Harbaugh hasn't had enough time to instill his system

Harbaugh doesn't have an elite QB

Harbaugh has to face the best coach in CFB

Harbaugh doesn't have enough talent...

I am a big fan of Harbaugh, but at some point he needs to win something to merit all the accolades people bestow on him...


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the difference between a top 8 team versus a top 4 team isn't as much as people think it is

The difference between #3 and #5 is not that much.  The difference between #1 and #8 is.

Clemson's first national championship team didn't have a class in the top 5 

Clemson is the exception not the norm.  They also had a playmaker at QB that can make up for some other deficiencies.  Cam Newton did the same thing for Auburn.  Everyone else out-recruited everyone...Alabama, LSU, FSU, USC, OSU, UF, Miami, etc.  This trend goes back as far as recruiting rankings do.  Those are all the powerhouses of the recruiting worlds during their NCs.

the fact is that other teams have beaten OSU with lesser talent, which is the argument you were making. Now you're moving the goal posts.

I think you're confusing me with another poster.  My argument is because UM plays them at the end of the year as a rival it's more difficult to sneak up on them, play them the week after a big let down game or the week before another big game as a trap game.  It ensures the more talented team wins more often.

Michigan is on the other side of the rivalry - maybe they should step up and beat a team with more talent than they have for a change.

Agreed, but so far JH's style of play does not lend to that.  He prefers to control the ball, run the ball, not turn it over, etc.  This is generally a safe to bet to beat the teams you're favored to and lose to the teams you're not.  This is reflective in his record.  He's very effective at beating teams not ranked in the top 20.  Hopefully Gattis' offense will provide more explosive plays that can take advantage of defensive weaknesses.

its always some excuse:

I think you're right.  I also think the excuses are valid.  I also think OSU has some built in advantages that will continue to make them the favorite in the rivalry every year on an ongoing basis.  Until UM can have more team talent than OSU does that will continue and I don't see UM out-recruiting OSU for any significant stretch of time for a number of reasons.  This is just the current climate of OSU and UM.  UM is a good program.  OSU is an elite program.  Such is life.


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Fair points... i think our opinions are closer than they are apart.

Talent can be an issue, but scheme and coaching should be able to overcome those things especially when the talent divide is not "that" great. I think this was demonstrated in Hoke's performances with a lesser roster and Harbaugh's two close losses...breaks didn't go their way in those losses, but that talent gap wasn't the difference there.

i disagree that Michigan should not be able to close the talent gap. Meyer was one of the best recruiters in the nation and that was based at lot on the mystic of Meyer and his successes.

Day does not have that lineage, as shown by this last year, where they did not finish strong as a result of Meyer's retirement.

Harbaugh vs Day should not be automatically considered a win for Day imo...

If Michigan can't make up that talent gap now, versus a first time head coach, they will never make it up.


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I agree that Meyer was special and took OSU's recruiting up a notch.  It's unlikely Day will be as good.  However, the 2019 class was still mostly Meyer's.  And, Day already has a top 5 class for 2020 and Day has a lot of good recruiters on his staff.  I do have hopes that UM can get close enough to make the rivalry close again.  UM also has some strong recruiters on their staff.  However I think OSU's ceiling is closer to #2-3 and UM's is closer to #5-6.  If UM averages a top 10 class and OSU does a top 6 class it should be close enough to win a few, but IMO OSU still maintains a talent advantage due to more in state talent, less competition in OH for it, and more recent success.  UM will have to find some offensive schemes to gain some competitive advantages to overcome the talent gap, albeit a shrinking one.


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It is bold.  

He was the best back on the team once Higdon left.  Certainly not 4th string. He spent much of the season injured which held back his freshman development.  

He looked like a different level athlete from a size, speed, and quickness during the bowl game. He looked both shifty and powerful.   If he stays healthy I’m optimistic for him.  

I think our line will be a big asset in this regard.  With everyone we have back and a 2nd year under Warriner our backs will have an advantage.  

Tru is solid but Damn we’re are thin though.  


February 12th, 2019 at 1:51 AM ^

Charbonet is a freshman and could very well be dynamic.  But he is still a freshman and most freshman take some seasoning.  I would be really happy if he was a solid #2.  

Turner has more upside than Tru (I thought Tru was more effective than Evans all around)and was ahead of both him and Evans during the Bowl season.  With all the talent Michigan’s offense has their top back should be at least honorable mention.   

To me that looks like Turner.  

Blue Middle

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Zach being ready would be a huge boost to the position and agree that RB looks like the weakest spot on offense, but you've gone a bit too far here.  Christian Turner and Tru Wilson are both above MAC level (unless you're talking about the MAC greats like Kareem Hunt) and hopefully Evans makes it back.  Ben Mason has the quickness to play more downs as a power back and might be more effective as a RB in a spread system.  Hassan Haskins and Michael Barrett have plenty of HS experience as ball carriers and could switch back to RB (Haskins may already be back there, depending on your source).

Depth is a concern, but we're also bringing in a bunch of athletes and PWOs with experience as ball carriers, like GJIII, Giles Jackson, and PWOs: Beydoun, Castleberry, Franklin, Macon, and Bills.

What I'm saying is that Michigan will find some talent at the position.  Christian Turner has already looked very good, Wilson has earned his scholarship and then some, and at least one more player will rise from the plethora of possibilities.  


February 11th, 2019 at 6:03 PM ^

Then I'll clarify my remarks...Wilson and Turner don't look to be anything other than average B10 running backs.  Nothing special.  Certainly not scaring anyone.  No Defensive Coordinator is scheming for them.  If you put the starting RB for most of the MAC teams on our squad, I don't think they would produce significantly less than Wilson or Turner.  

Wilson is a walk on.  Turner was at best 4th String last year.  Hasskins was at best 5th string last year.  Saying that a walk on, 4th string and 5th string would produce better than a starting MAC running back is questionable in my opinion.  

Just re-read your last two paragraphs.  You are speaking of hoping talent will rise up to the challenge and that a walk on, a 4th string RB, a 5th string RB and PWO's will fill in the gap!?  If Michigan has to rely on PWO's then God help us all.



February 11th, 2019 at 6:47 PM ^

I hope Zach is great, but the RB's performance is still, overwhelmingly dependent on the Offensive-Line Blocking and the Coach's Scheming/Play-Calling against the opponent's defense.

Leonard Fournette got stuffed by Alabama because LSU has stone-age offensive scheme and Bama mauled LSU's O-lineman.

Thomas Rawls could barely see a snap here at Michigan, under Brady Hoke, transferred to CMU, ran for over 1,000 yards, and the next year as an NFL rookie ran for 804 yards @ 5.6 ypc.

Skill positions can be difference makers, but it's still a team sport and playcalling/scheme exploits mismatches.

If the offensive line can creat parking-space sized holes to run through, it doesn't matter who's carrying the ball. If the coach calls predictable running plays into a stacked box, and the o-lineman consistently get beat, and you get behind the sticks early, it doesn't if you have Leonard Fournette carrying the ball.


February 11th, 2019 at 7:39 PM ^

Tru seems like a tough runner, but he’s a guy who would get chased down from behind, even if he had alabama’s OL making holes for him. 

Michigan hasn’t had an elite RB in so long that people have forgotten what one looks like. Higdon was above average but not by a huge amount. The difference between Higdon and an elite nfl ready RB is at least as big as the gap between Higdon and Tru this season. 


February 11th, 2019 at 7:07 PM ^

If Wilson would not be averaging 6 ypc if he was the starter.  No way...no how.

I am willing to concede the point that the coaching staff doesn't help the production of the RB's with their predictable "Run, Run, Pass".  I don't care about people saying that a play is all about "execution".  It has to be incredibly difficult to execute a play that your opponent knows is coming.


February 11th, 2019 at 6:47 PM ^

I fully support your position-and more. I am under the assumption that some version of a power spread is going to be implemented...the analyst from Ferris is not being added to be a wall-flower. Charbonnet, Turner and Wilson are on campus and, as has been noted, you have Haskins and Barrett. And, in all seriousness, the 2019 class is loaded with kids who can be very dynamic in such a scheme-including kids like Castleberry as a PWO. This position is not a position of concern for me...and neither is QB-that room is loaded.