Is Mike Dantoni long for msu ?

Submitted by Wings Of Distinction on October 22nd, 2018 at 4:16 PM

The mork run in East Landfill is on fumes.

Eventually all facades are seen through. The truth is he wants to play the victim, after being a bully.

This latest attempt at creating a disrespect situation has blown up in his face.

Not to mention all the off-field attrocities committed under his umbrella of enablement.



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You must be young. Or a Sparty mole. State has had their run just like they did under Duffy. The universe will now return to equilibrium. In 2068 they may have another decade long run.

There will be bumps and State is always a big game in the State of Michigan for bragging rights but they arent and never will be a rival like OSU. Bo's 17-3 run is more the norm than Dantonios 8-4. And once Dantonio is gone they will be hard pressed to find a coach that can attract the kind of talent that yearly challenges Michigan and OSU.

Duffy faced a down Michigan and benefited from segregation in the South, Perles built his mini run on massive amounts of steroids and Dantonio once again had a down Michigan. 


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Agreed.  Mork had his run, and it was great for MSU while it lasted, but the shift  back to the norm is in progress.  M is a program on the rise (with a few bumps), while MSU is on the downward trajectory.  Their talent level is declining, they don't even have a decent QB, which they had during the good years.  The Spartans needed some luck for their two wins against Harbaugh, that can only take a team so far.

Honker Burger

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You must be 120 years old and have been around since our 1st game against them in 1898.

We played 42 times from 1898-1949, MICH leads 33-6-3.

All time series currently stands at 70-36-5 meaning since 1948, MICH leads 37-30-2.

Claiming that you don't care about this game, or how they aren't our 'rival' is moronic. Claiming that the games don't count when one of the teams is 'down' is also moronic. If you truly think that way you are no better than Sparty clowns and their twisted logic.

I stated that OSU is obviously more important. However, we have 3 main rivals-- ND, MSU, OSU. Why do you think beating them is so satisfying and losing to any of them is so aggravating?

Honker Burger

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Michigan has lost 15 of 17 to OSU (15 of 19 if we want to feel better). So are we just an afterthought to them?

You can claim that we have been terrible in the past decade and that has allowed MSU to regularly beat us, and you wouldn't be wrong. But if you're telling me that you haven't been extremely pissed off losing to them over the past decade since they are 'just an afterthought', I'd say you're lying. Yes, Michigan is a bigger rival to MSU than MSU is to Michigan, but quit acting like it doesn't mean anything.

Rivalry games are what makes college football >>>>> NFL. It's what makes running MSU into the ground far more satisfying than Northwestern or Maryland.


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Edit: this was in response to the guy who asked about how to post a pic of D'Artagnan walking behind his players. Post now gone??

When you post you should see a button above that looks like a sun over mountains. Click on that. Then on "Upload" on the pop-up. Find the pic on your computer and select it. It should then show up on the file list on the right. Highlight that one and hit Select. It should show up like so:urban-meyer-pizza.png


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Why would a competent OC come there? Their talent pool isn't what it used to be, and they have to deal w/ a reloaded UM and PSU (in addition to OSU and the other good teams in B1G).

You'd have to live in a cesspool, work for a rape-enabling bore, and be stuck swimming upstream most of the time.

Sounds like misery and potential career suicide (I don't know if the current OC was ever considered competent, but he sure as hell isn't now).

4th and Go For It

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Don’t care. But this is a long season for them still this year. Their defense is solid but that O is toothless right now and they are in for some slog games if the D doesn’t give up on them at some point. they play Purdue, Maryland, Nebraska, and OSU their next 4 games. I can see them losing any of those if they can’t score much, as Nebraska is putting up big numbers on O and Maryland has big play capability. not saying they’ll lose all of them but they can’t feel confident of a W anywhere in there. They do still have Rutger though so maybe they finish 6-6? 

4th and Go For It

October 22nd, 2018 at 5:01 PM ^

Maryland is boom or bust but after a long day with the MSU offense putting up next to nothing I could see Maryland breaking a few big ones on them late. Not expecting them to lose to Maryland or Nebraska but I wouldn’t be surprised. Yes they beat PSU but Davis is done for the year so what are they using to score on anyone? Trick plays?

M_Born M_Believer

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Particularly, Purdue, Nebraska, and OSU.  They all throw the ball well.  Meyer just might have Haskins throw 70 times against Sparty cause he'll get 600 passing.

Maryland can't throw so Sparty my eek out that game.  Aside from that, they will have their work cut out for them.  With no offense to keep up with the High Powered Offense of the Opponents, they will get worn down, drive after drive, quarter after quarter, game after game.....

Maize N' Ute

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*Mark* Dantonio is a lifer at MSU, as long has he continues success on the field.  I'm interested in how tolerant the university will be when Michigan begins winning this rivalry on a more historic perspective.  For all the success Cooper had with OSU, he couldn't finish the job against Michigan and led to his ultimate downfall with the AD.

I would have more respekt for Mark if he admitted that the pre-game walk-thru was to establish intimidation on the players.  Unfortunately, he took the coward way out and denied any such thing even though the video proof says otherwise.  Additionally, he did it against possibly the angriest football play in America.

CRISPed in the DIAG

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Supposedly there was chatter on RCMB that MSU needs to pay its assistants - presumably like "ScUM" and other programs. I'm not sure its ever been a place where a guy like Don Brown goes to get paid.


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I haven't seen a single Sparty fan say geez Panasiuk shouldn't have tried to injure a Michigan player after the whistle.

More Spartan Silence on their violence eminating from their campus.

I have seen lots of Spartans speak of class and character because they are victims of Bush retaliating to their thug antics by scruffing up some grass.

MSU has a piss poor Neanderthal culture.


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What Bush did sounds so silly compared to what they did. 

MSU locked arms, walked down the field, in helmets, withe their head coach there (smiling), and clotheslined a UM player and ripped the headphones off. And this occured late, so even in the most positive light - they were "accidentally" late - this is terrible mismanagement by MSU (it's not "your field", man. There are rules. We all have to abide by them.)

In response an M player scuffed up a bit of their field. OH MY GOSH I MUST CLUTCH MY PEARLS!!!

In a vacuum I do not endorse Bush's actions...but these things never happen in vacuums. 

In the MSU fans' minds, their players playing a "little dirty" is "justified" because of Bush. 

It's all so dumb. And I mean, rivalry shit happens. But it's usually not so blatantly premeditated by the coaches. You're supposed to be the ADULT, Mork.