Mich/Michigan state game time decision suspended...

Submitted by Helloheisman on October 8th, 2012 at 1:31 PM
The Michigan/Michigan state game for October 20 does not have a declared and time... Is this due to Ohio possibly whining due to lack of 3:30 games or sparty almost blowing it against Indiana? I'm assuming if we take care of business and sparty beats Iowa 3:30 would be our start time.



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I take it you didn't see the property damage in Ann Arbor after the 2010 game, but there was vandalism to both private and university property stretching from the IM building to CC Little. It wasn't as violent as the St. Patrick's Day mini riot, but not complete hogwash.


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The one thing they did say is that it won't be a "night game"...so either 12:00 or 3:30. No surprise there really.



The MSU-MICH, NEB-NU & PUR-OSU games on Oct. 20 will be at Noon or 3:30 ET on ABC, ESPN, ESPN2 or BTN - selections made after Oct. 13 games


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was a complete cluster fuck that night in 2010... it took us about 45 mins to an hour to get from the stadium back to wolverine tower where all of the concession stand/ workers and suite servers park and its normally a 15 to 20 min drive after a game... that was also the night of my cousin's bachelor party and it took me at least 45 mins to drive up state street from wolverine tower to get to a parking spot so i could meet everyone at ashley's...


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I'd love a noon game. 

Why were the AF and UMass games at 3:30 anyway?  Apparently 3:30 isn't indicative of the matchup.  See last year:  our game with Sparty was at noon.



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I want a noon game, these 3:30 starts are killing me, I hate tailgating for 8 hours every Saturday. My body can't do it like it use to, there is nothing worse than a 4:30 headache that does not go away.


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I'm still shocked that we haven't had a single noon start yet this season.  Even the UMass game was a 3:30 start. 

Are the scheduling GODS trying to make up for all the noon starts from last year? 


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On ESPN's site under October 20th, only ESPN3, NBC, CBS and some of the conference-specific networks (not including BTN) are set already. Everything else on the schedule, as of now, is wide open, so if that really is the case, the national / regional slate for that day is largely a mystery at the moment. Indeed, 18 games still have times yet to be set as of right now.

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I do think later games make for better matchups, but this game I wouldn't mind being at noon. Just go out there and get it over with instead of waiting around for it. We'll all be bashing our heads against the wall the few days leading up to it anyway. Why make it any longer?


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When I am in charge, on football Saturdays there will be a game starting at noon eastern, and then every seventeen minutes a new game will start throughout the entirety of the day until 7:00pm pacific.  No more of this "there are three good games on but they're all at halftime" or "all the 3:30 games have ended but it's still half an hour until the 7:00 games start" nonsense.


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As long as its not on ESPN2 so we don't have to listen to that woman, or worse, Joey Galloway

But being on the west coast I don't get BTN so hopefully it's 330. Whatever


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According to ESPN's Big Ten blog, "ABC/ESPN has exercised one of its allowable six-day picks to determine which games kick off at noon ET and which kick off at 3:30 ET on Oct. 20."

So this is the rare instance in which we won't have a kickoff time at least 12 days in advance. Also the game everyone has been anxious to know the kickoff time for since the season started.

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+1 for you. 

-1 for ABC and ESPN. 

What a bunch of bullshit from ABC/ESPN.  What a goddamned inconvenience that we can't make plans, so that the networks can game their choices for another week.  I hope the Conference never allows them to do this to us again in the next contract.

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Are the networks really committing such a heinous crime to us all?  You have 6 days to get your plans together.  Whether the game is at noon or 3:30 will that affect who you go with?  Where you tailgate?  Virtually the only thing it changes is the time you wake up in the morning.  Is 6 days not enough to settle that?

This isn't a new concept - ESPN/ABC has been doing this for years.  And it's not going away, pretty much ever.

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And in my case, it was a bit of an unusual situation.  Wherein we have a much-larger (intrastate) tailgating group this time, such that I was thinking of renting a different vehicle, like a Suburban, for the day.  And making a bunch of other time-dependent advance-planning decisions.

And no, it is not routine.  Even the tv contract strictly limits how often the networks can jerk us around like this.  Making it a rare occasion.

Mind you, I am not even bitching about a noon start versus a 3:30 start.  I have my own preferences on that, but I know that my voice won't be heard.  All I ask is that they just please pick a time, now.

There is nothing about this no-decision status that benefits the people going to the game.  We don't get a vote on whether it will be noon or 3:30.  We just have to wait for the networks to decide what suits their interests.  Which aren't mine.


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You're aware Michgan has fans that are, you know, not living in the state of Michigan, right?  Or are you under the impression that UM is a provincial backwater that isn't the kind of place where fans might fly in for a game and need to actually know what flights to book?

The kickoff time completely changes flight/hotel plans.  Do you fly in Friday night and leave Saturday night?  Saturday early, early morning and leave Sunday morning?  Take a later flight Saturday?  Granted, if you're deep pocketed enough and don't care about how much the flight and/or change fees cost, maybe it doesn't matter.  But if you're not one of those people, I can assure you, keeping the kickoff time a secret has been a royal pain in the ass and has cost me at least 100-150 bucks because of the ever-rising cost of plane tickets.  It matters.  6 days notice for a plane ticket is not the same fare as 2-3 weeks notice.


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But if I am going to go to a game in Ann Arbor, it needs to be a noon start, or I need to plan to take off the weekend. For me to make this work, I need to know early enough to plan accordingly. Partly for this reason, I went to the ND game and will go to the Ohio game, but won't be able to attend any games in AA this year. If I knew a month or two in advance that there would be some 12 noon games, and when they were going to happen, I would definitely plan to go.