Michigan/Penn State Open Thread

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Alright before I respond to this let me state that I love Coach B and I still think we can make the NCAAs this year (albeit a small chance).

That being said - you've got to cut your losses at some point. A team that made it to the second round of the NCAAs last year, with minimal roster attrition, and ranked 15th in preseason polls, is supposed to be rooted upon to make the NIT?

What am I missing here? F the NIT.


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Michigan football was 4-0 and ranked #20 in the country this year. And then they shit the bed. Should we not have cared if they won six games and made the Pizza Pizza Bowl? Did you "cut your losses" with the football team?

Making the post-season is ALWAYS better than not making the post-season... even if they have to "settle" for a lesser venue.

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In 2006, I never could have imagined giving anyone a plus-one for articulating the virtues of the Pizza-Pizza Bowl. Sigh.

I also never would have thought RR would be the coach or my former boss would be the athletic director. Weird couple years.

Steve Lorenz

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I can see where both sides are coming from. The expectations for the basketball team were huge this year and I think it's safe to say that they were much higher than that for the football team this year.

That being said, any postseason berth is better than none and it would at least be a building block towards a successful season next year.


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I see where you're going with this but you are utterly false in your presumptions.

1) Basketball has nearly 3x as many games as football - much more visible when the team just doesn't "have it"

2) Basketball suffered no serious injuries like Molk and Forcier. That's what killed our team this year.

3) Basketball doesn't have one game at the end of the season that football does, against our biggest rival, that even if we had 0 wins, fans would still turn in and root for our Wolverines.

4) Comparing the Little Caesar's bowl to the NIT is an insult to that bowl. Sure, it would have sucked, but you do realize 65 teams get a chance at the NCAA tourney, right? The NIT is an utter joke. I was on campus when we won it with Horton and Co. and no one gave a fuck. When the top ~40 teams get into the NCAA and the rest are filled with mid majors, that's not even close to being compared to the NCAA football bowl system.


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68 teams got into bowls. And they don't have nearly the mid-major slots that the NCAA has. There were more teams from the Big Ten in bowls than will make the Tourney. If people would have cared more about the Pizza Bowl more than the NIT, that's just a sign how utterly pathetic the last two seasons have been. Had we gone in the stretch of New Year's Day bowls you would gave gotten the same reaction to bowling in Detroit - yawns.


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The benefit is some tournament type experience for a still young team, potentially some neutral court games, experience out of league, and most of all a chance to end the season on a positive note with some wins in the NIT. They will have as much talent as anyone in it, maybe Manny and Peedi see their M careers ending and pick it up, and we end up winning it.


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We just need confidence down the stretch. A win on the road is always tough to come by so you take what you can get, but playing a 1 - whatever team in the conference at home, you really want to win handily

burntorange wi…

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has always been better as a slasher imo. he doesnt really seem like a pull up and shoot kinda guy. ya, he has a nice jumper but hes better getting to the rim and as a result the charity stripe. outside of him, no u dont really have anyone to score. feed the big man down low. stu douglass should NOT have the highest FGA in the first half. especially with shooting 2-7 from field and 1-4 from 3.

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He scores in "The Land of the Giants?" What kind of shlock is this?

BTN, I'm available every Saturday if you need announcers. My resume:

1. I can read names.
2. See #1.

I know that's kind of douchy, but these guys suck.


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It's pathetic the effort that Michigan has been putting forth all game. We're getting outhustled by the last place team in the Big Ten. Really a poor reflection on the team as a whole when they just go through the motions.


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yeah i was just going to start a new topic...one to try and inspire people and remind them of what georgia did in the SEC tournament to make it into the big dance as a 14 seed...and talk about how if we can get lucky and get hot at the right time we could try and do something similar....

and then i turned my head and looked at the score...