Michiganders in Hawaii

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I know no one likes when people ask for advice regarding places to watch Michigan games, meet Michigan people, but the bar locator does not indicate anything substantial in Honolulu. I just moved to Honolulu for the Air Force, and I need somewhere to watch games this fall and meet some midwestern folk out here! If anyone else is living in Hawaii or knows of good places to go (if there are any), let me know. Many thanks. I figured the offseason would be better for this post.



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1. You're a Michigan man looking to connect with other Michigan Men.

2. You're in service to our country and have been moved far from home.

3. If anybody actually has a problem with this post they can go suck a, well, suck an egg.


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So now we have to preemptively tell people not to get pissed at a board post? I hope the boards haven't really gotten this bad. This is a legitimate post.


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Personally, I see at least 2-3 examples per week of people saying things like this in order to defend against trolls and just truly rude people. It's unreal. I know one thing about online blogging is that a poster must have thick skin, but so many people online and here just type a comment before thinking about what the response they'd receive would be if they said the same thing in public conversation.

I understand blog anonymity. But anonymity also creates a veil allowing people in all realms to talk to, respond to, and treat others like shit. I see it all the time on the Internet and specifically here. I've had a few days in which I went home from work feeling like shit because of the way a bunch of commenters responded to me asking basic, honest questions about Michigan, the Red Wings, etc.

It's why I was the first and will always be one of the first to step out and vocally support a post like the OP's.

Stike A Pose

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My favorite ones are the people that complain about an OT topic, even though the topic is clearly labeled OT. 

Or the people that get mad when Detroit sports topics pop up because they aren't fans of Detroit teams.  I don't think those people realize that the majority of Michigan fans are also Detroit fans.  It only makes sense...

I will say though that when people to attack the OP, a lot of posters do stand up for the OP.  Every sports community has their share of bad apples.  This community does a good job at letting those bad apples know that they're ultimately douche bags.



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I have a college buddy (yes, Michigan) who has lived out there for a while now. If you don't have a few answers by this afternoon I will ping him for suggestions.


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...U-M Club of Hawaii's page, they do indeed do their game watching at the The Varsity Bar.

Join us every week for exciting football-watching experiences at the Varsity, the same venue as last year. Come watch the games with fellow alumni and enjoy the spirited atmosphere!
The Varsity is located at 1015 University, is just makai of the location of the former Eastside Grill .  Link to Varsity for additional information: http://www.varsityhonolulu.com/

You don't say if you're an alumnus, but it probably won't restrict you from attending this event tonight:

Annual Dinner, 6.16.12

Come join fellow Wolverines on June 16 for our annual Alumni Dinner at Oahu Country Club. From 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. will be the cocktail reception and then the dinner will start at 7 p.m. Please specify if your choice of entrée (vegetarian, fish or steak) when you register. 

The main presentation of the night will be a showing of the documentary “Black and Blue” detailing the great former President of the United States and Michigan alum Gerald Ford and his relationship with teammate Willis Ward.  Before the showing of the documentary, the former President of our local alumni club, Lyle Nelson, will speak briefly about his experiences during the time of this racial turmoil on campus.  It will be a rare treat to hear about this first hand from a person who was there.

$40 per person (this price includes tax and tip)

Online sales for this even thave ended.  If you wish to attend, please contact Linda Schewe [email protected] or 542-0087.

I've never been stationed in Hawaii but have been many times for Navy and company business. The time zone delta makes it harder to keep connected to Michigan sports because you're so out of whack with the eastern time zone. Hopefully this info helps you make some great local connections.


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Thanks! For whatever reason I hadn't been able to find that. That will come in handy, and yes, I am an alum. Class of '07.

You're right about the time zone, way out of whack. I'll have to get up at 6 on Saturdays to watch noon games in the fall... Woof. Thanks for the info.


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this is my life. we have a rabid fanbase spanning 4 generations of michigan alumni. we show up in full michigan regalia 6 am for a noon kickoff. this is a funky bar with open ceilings revealing leaking pipes and vents. it is on campus of UH-Manoa. other groups, like sparty show up as well and some "friendly" exchanges will occur. ohio fans no longer meet there, as their behavior was insufferable and we had them exiled to a bar in waikiki.

and we are all mgobloggers, many pathologically.

it's a pretty cool place, really. decent bar food, scantily clan servers, good beers, many tvs and it is semi-outside. and by 10 am it's over and the rest of the day is still ahead for surfing, mountain hiking, or going home to re watch the game in slow motion on the dvr.

see you there.




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This is excellent news. I was also a pathological mgoblogger before I joined the military, but the AF inter webs block it because it as blog in the name. Damnit, Brian!

I will most assuredly see you there, starting in October, I'll be at a tech school in August and September. Thanks again.

Naked Bootlegger

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Get DirecTV or Dish Network and a DVR.   Program the DVR to record the noon ET kickoff games, and maybe some ESPN pre-game beforehand.   Wake up at a normal morning hour like nuthin' happened, immediately turn on the DVR to the pre-recorded pre-game to get yourself in the mood (kinda like football foreplay).   Transition to the recorded game with tropical cocktail in hand. Cheer your butt off like you normally would do.   At no point can you do the following:

(1)   Get on the interwebz.   Smart phone, computer, etc. must be toggled to "off" position.

(2)   Answer the phone

(3)   Accidentally glance at the real-time ESPN/ABC/NBC/CBS/FOX sports ticker.

This will hopefully make your game-day experience more enjoyable in the Aloha State.  

Also, thanks for your service.   +1 to you.

p.s.  We play Air Force this year.   I wish you luck dealing with any inner cheering conflict that may develop.

EDIT:   Cazzie just blew my advice outta the water.   Get yo' ass up at 5 a.m. and join the crowd at the bar!!!



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For early games I like to DVR them, wake up, surf, then return home to watch them.

This has many advantages. Fast forward through the interminable commercials. Rewind important plays multiple times. When you have watched the game, you can catch the end of the "afternoon" games and see the highlights of the early games.

Most importantly, this technique relieves the guilt of being a couch potato because you have already enjoyed the beautiful Hawaiian outdoors. Aloha!


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In Japan. The spousal unit would tape the games and FedEx them to me. Would not watch tv all week just in case CNN might flash the score...