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I've been watching the MSU vs Miami game becuase I'm bored and they just showed an interesting statistic. Michigan has more players(15) in the NHL than other team in the CCHA. MSU is second with 11.

kevin holt

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I actually thought we had the most of any college hockey team? We are pretty famous for that. Definitely helps with recruiting. Kids who would normally go through minors or junior leagues realize they can play in college and go to the NHL through us.

Didn't know MSU had that many, though.


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and I don't think anything is really official, but Red and Hunwick have both confirmed vocally, via Red's radio show, that Hunwick is coming back next year. 

This is the link to the podcasts of the radio show on-line,

Episode 12/14, go to the one that says "Shawn Hunwick" somewhere in his talk he mentions he's coming back.


January 21st, 2011 at 11:16 PM ^

As a Freshman, Hunwick played one game--the last 5 minutes of a blowout in the CCHA playoffs.  As a Sophomore in 2008/09, though, Hunwick did not play at all.  Since he has only played in 3 seasons including this one, he is certainly eligible for a fifth season next year--it's an automatic redshirt, no NCAA approval needed.


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Check out the preview at Yost Built:

1) The Alaska Nanooks come into Yost this weekend 10-8-4 (7-7-4-2 in the CCHA) on the season. They're 4-4-2 on the road, and are coming off a split at CCHA-leader Notre Dame last weekend. They lost 2-1 on Friday night before winning the second game by a 4-1 score.

2) As you can probably expect with Alaska, they don't score a ton of goals and they don't give up a ton of goals. They've given up more than 3 goals on the season just four times this season. They've scored more than three just six times. Three of those have come in the last seven contests, however.

Alaska = solid defensive and they're probably getting back to basics down 2-0 in the 3rd.


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Yeah Alaska's had a pretty solid team for a few years now.  Just odd to go that long without a shot.  Eh, Merrill scored as I was typing the question so I guess I'd rather have shots that go in.  Wooohooooo!!

Funny thing is I remember them making a big deal about FSU's defense last week too.  Not that UM ran away with anything, but I really think our boys are starting to solidify and play reeeeaaaallly well.


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Great win, and awesome losses by ND and Miami

The way i see it, we can sweep the rest of the games and split with Miami and win the CCHA regular season title

Plus Miami and ND gotta play each other twice !


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thoroughly enjoy that scene where the Alaska goalie was unable in like three attempts to flip that ball someone threw on the ice back up into the stands and then Rust (?) flipped it 30 feet up on the first try and celebrated like he had just scored a goal?


I loved it, almost as much as I apparently love run-on sentences in this post. 


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That was hilarious. Happened while the refs were sorting out the penalties after the first goal. The Alaska goalie flipped it into the student section and it was thrown right back at him. Then he tried flipping it out on the opposite side and failed like three times. Rust came over and did it on one try and like you said was celebrating like he scored.


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because I was curious. First of all, you have to remember that Notre Dame is REALLY young this year.  I wanna say they dress something like 10 freshmen a night?!  Additionally two of their most potent scorers are freshman.  So there's the youth and fatigue factor of a lot of freshman playing a lot of minutes they may or may not be used to.  There's also the inexperience part, I looked at that games box score and OSU twice scored 2 goals less than a minute apart.  Another point is that while ND has been really good, it's been their offense that's been winning for them.  Their defense has been average at best this season.  Currently, through all of their games they (still) lead the CCHA in goals/game at 3.67, but their defense through all 27 of their games is only 7th in the conference allowing 2.85 goals/game.  For perspective, Michigan scores 3.5/game and gives up 2.27/game.  Both are good for third among CCHA teams, but the differential is best in the conference.  Sometimes the offense just goes through rough patches and you have to rely on your defence to win you games and right now (again, part of this is due to their youth) they're not great at locking down defensively when they need to.  As I recall, their goalie is good-not-great and isn't going to keep them in a game without help too often.  Add that to an OSU team that, even with a new coach, has a ton of seniors and a decent amount of talent, is hot right now and is playing at home agaist, again a young, ND team and you have a 6-1 loss for Notre Dame.  Once their offense starts clicking again, they'll put together a nice run and I do expect that to happen, but right now, they're struggling. 

On a Michigan note, a couple of players are SO close to scoring SO much more.  I'm just waiting for at least one or two of them to start burying their chances and then we're going to go from very good to scary good.  Red, like normal, is getting his team to fire on all cylinders in the second half, our D is really night and day better from the beginning of the year and the offense is starting to hum more, too.  Special teams still aren't great, but they've been getting slowly but steadily better from the blackhole they started the year at.   They're definitely starting to look like the national contender we all expected back in September.