Michigan Wrestling Update

Submitted by scanner blue on December 12th, 2017 at 10:03 AM

Slow day on the board, so I thought I'd try to fill in for some of the content WD used to provide on the olympic sports front. No.9 Michigan Wrestling hosted their first home meet of the season  at Cliff Keen Arena on Sunday and overwhelmed Oregon State , 48-0, which was it's first Division I shutout since 2009. There were three pins on the afternoon, No. 2 ranked Adam Coon (hvw), Sal Profaci (141), Kevin Beazley (197). There is a good write-up on mgoblue.com with all of the detals and quotes. 

This was my first time attending a wrestling event of any kind and I came away impressed on all fronts. 1. It is truely action packed--no TV timeouts, reviews or unexplained pauses. A few breaks for injury/blood but then right back at it. 2. Restrained PA announcer and no blaring music filling gaps. 3. No bad seats at Cliff Keen and you can hear coaches and teammates shouting during the match until the crowd erupts at key moments. 4. Cheap tickets ($1) and free parking in the Grey lot (get there early for good seats/parking spots).

I'll be back for at least MSU at Keen and maybe PSU or OSU at Crisler --I'm assuming some of the plusses at Keen will be lacking at Crisler due to B1G network and cranking music up to 11.


The Claw

December 12th, 2017 at 12:17 PM ^

I watched it on their stream.  Nothing like hearing the announcer talking to the person next to him and hear him say something like, "What's he doing, checking his oil?"  Which means for you non-wrestlers, putting his finger up his bum.  Some kids do it and it's nasty.  Thank god never happened to me in my days.

This is supposed to Michigan's year for a podium finish and if they want it, they'll need more of the same against tougher competition.  Against Lehigh, they got ran over by a moving truck. So many close matches and our studs give up a takedown in the final 30s.  Or in Pantaleo's case, to his back for a 6 point move in the first period he couldn't overcome.

I'd lke to see a little more urgency. Go out and attack.  But that has never been the motto of a McFarland team. If these guys attack, skies the limit.  If they sit back and try for the perfect shot, they'll get beat more than they win against the studs.  

Hopefully they continue to roll and have a great post season.  Either way, I'm watching. 

Updated Rankings...

125: Mattin- 10

133: Micic- 7

157: Pantaleo- 4

165: Massa- 5

175: Amine- 6

184: Abounader- 5

197: Beazley- 10

Hwt: Coon- 2


December 12th, 2017 at 4:22 PM ^

Joe's teams almost  never attack. And after watching Penn State & Ohio State "attack" themselves into multiple individual National titles over the last several seasons, it is a bummer to see Joe's guys "read & react" style.