Michigan Wrestling goes down 15-18 to Ohio St. but Coon downs Snyder

Submitted by TheTeamTheTeam… on February 11th, 2018 at 8:19 PM
COOOOOOOON! Takes down Snyder for his first win and should overtake the 1 spot, silver lining in a loss but that is the silverest of lining considering Snyder hadn’t lost in 3 years



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should pretty much have his own pos bang! 

That was so inspiring! 

Of course, if they have an ultimate showdown, it happens in damn Cleveland. 

Still, what a victory! What an effort! On this night, Coon was too much for him!!! 


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  • W Basketball
  • M Cross Country
  • W Cross Country
  • Field Hockey (twice)
  • M Gymnastics
  • W Gymnastics
  • M Soccer
  • M Swim & Dive
  • W Swim & Dive
  • M Track & Field
  • Volleyball (twice)

.....have all beaten them this season. 

Just because the two sports you watch didn't makes you a fool for saying that. 


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I chuckled at your inclusion of wrestling with football, basketball, and hockey as the most popular sports, but I’ll take it! 8,000+ is impressive today, although that’s not how I remember popularity of the sport 20 years ago. As a cool story bro, my dad received an offer of free tickets to tonight’s match as a former Michigan wrestling letterman. He said the flight from Florida was the only downside!


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It is a fair question because there can be a huge variance in the NCAA heavyweights. For example, Kyle Snyder is 5'11" and 220lbs, but Adam Coon is 6'6" 285lbs

So realistically, Coon has the size to play OL, but I have no idea if he has ever played a down of football in his life.


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I saw him win that state championship.  I believe he beat Spolsky (RIP) out of CC who looked like an absolute beast.  Already been mentioned but Mike Martin and I believe Terrence Taylor was also a former HS wrestling state champ.

Honestly the HWT class in wrestling has to be one of hte weakest weight classes, if only becasue so many of the top athletes that size are on football scholarships.

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Someone tell Coon that his surest way to fame and glory is to saddle up on the OL and just put people on the ground for a season. NO HOLDING THOUGH.

Seriously though, 6'6 285 as a college wrestler, he's probably very toned. I'm going out on a limb and going to say that seriously, Harbaugh needs to get his fingers in this guy's future. 

Edit: watched his videos. This guy could play OL fairly easily. Frankly he has better footwork than anyone I've seen on the line in a while.


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except for the fact he played defense in high school...and that he hasn't played a down of football for at least five seasons...I don't think he's the fix on the offensive line. It's one thing to be big, and athletic, it's another to start at an offensive line position in one of the top 25 college football programs. Anything is possible sure, but it's pretty long odds for a grad student...oh wait, he's out of eligibility anyways. Took a redshirt last year to overcome injury. Doesn't matter regardless.


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It is still pretty crazy to me that Synder and Coon are considered the same weight class with a 60lbs difference.

This has probably been asked before, but why doesn't the NCAA have a weight class between 197lbs and Heavyweight? The Olympics seem follow the United World Wrestling weight classes with a 97kg (~215lbs) weight class right before the heavyweights.


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Is also mine: Fowlerville, Michigan. And he’s also an Aerospace Engineer. There aren’t too many of us “rocket scientists” from that town, but suffice to say, he’s going to be the more famous one, especially if he makes the U.S. Olympic team!

Go Adam! Go Gladiators! And Go Blue!


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I mean you can be happy for coon but an amazing individual performance doesn’t magically turn a team loss into a win. This wasn’t for a national championship and osu still won. It’s like taking Devin Gardner’s performance against osu as a win in the series, doesn’t count that way, wrestling is still a team sport until the tournaments start and Michigan went 0-1 as a team


February 12th, 2018 at 12:40 AM ^

Individual wins count in wrestling. Plus, Michigan is historically an incredible dual meet team. Given that the Big Ten is by far the best conference in wrestling, and has been for a long time, Michigan wrestling has performed significantly better than Michigan football. Where we drop off is in the national tournament picture. For whatever reason, we peak early in the season with our dual success and never perform up to expectations at the NCAA tournament. But I don’t have too much disappointment from a dual meet loss. We win an impressive amount of those.


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Based on your own given source Ohio nearly doubled the production of Michigan at last years NCAA Tournament and led all states, so thanks for proving my point I guess? But to drive it home, you’re right...Michigan High School Wrestling totally has equivalents to St. Paris Graham, St. Eds, Elyria, Massillon Perry. Oh wait, they don’t. I hate Ohio St, as much as the next guy on here but Ohio High School sports are impressively talented and deep with wrestling at or near the best sport in the state Michigan can’t match that. Pennsylvania could hardly match it and they won by one point in their dual with 4 NCAA Champions in the line up and a monumental upset at 197.


February 12th, 2018 at 10:56 AM ^

Ohio is very much ahead in depth and overall talent, just think Michigan produces more elite talent than some may realize. Knew some top tier wrestlers in high school back in Michigan, and some of the programs were top flight. Ohio defiantly has a much deeper talent pool, but I think it shows Michigan high schools are putting out quite a bit of elite talent when looking at it from a national standpoint.