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There is a rivals article (which is behind a paywall) that talks about the progress of the team so far.

It mentions that Brandon Herron runs a 4.40 40 on the big board in the weight room.

Does anyone have a picture of this said board? I would like to compare it to the amazingly accurate forty times that Florida had on their wall. IIRC someone on their team posted a sub 4.2 time.




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a few days ago someone posted an article written in a runner's journal that showed 40 times for world class sprinters and one could extrapolate that pretty much none of these college kids is running beneath a 4.4. except for denard. he finishes before he starts.


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I did fifth grade in Gainesville, and my elementary school was comprised almost entirely of trailers. What buildings they had that were, you know, brick were huge shells subdivided into classrooms by accordion walls hung from the ceiling. That year was an eye-opening experience after Ann Arbor public schools.


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I had trailers at my high school, and I went to high school in Orange County. Granted it was only for the years that they were building the new buildings. I didn't think anything of it, but it is kind of strange to have classes in trailers. We called them portables, I think it made the teachers feel better to call them that.


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after the whole "Morgan Trent runs a 4.1 40" and it turned out to be his shuttle time. Someone posted a picture to show that.


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The michigan weight room records are....
verticle jump-Carlos brown at 38.5
bench max-brandon graham at 485
220 lb rep- mike martin repped it 28 times
40 yd dash- carlos brown 4.4

i dont remember the rest..if i do, i will edit


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will johnson wasnt invited to the combine, he did it at Michigan's pro day. And no, the combine record is not held by Jake Long, it is held by Mike Kudla I believe, a linebacker from tOSU, with 45 reps, I remember watching the combine a few years ago and them saying he set the record. Jake only had 37 at the actual combine. I am slightly confused because when you look it up online it says some guy name Justin Ernest got 51 reps. Maybe that was his pro day? Idk.


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Well, here's the link showing jake only did 37 at the actual combine: http://sportswrap.berecruited.com/2008/02/24/michigans-jake-long-benche…

The 42 that Brian quoted might have been referring to Jake's pro day, I'm not sure, but even it was, he still isn't the record holder as evidenced by this link, Mike Kulda is(the 225 rep part is near the bottom, control F if you need too): http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news?slug=cr-combinenotes022606&prov=yhoo&t…

Then they're is the Justin Ernest guy I referred earlier to, who according to this link had 51, although idk about this one, I've never heard of this before where as I had heard about Kulda: http://www.nfldraftscout.com/ratings/dsprofile.php?pyid=55768&draftyear…


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All of these posts dealing with speed are fun to read, but track speed and football speed are different animals. I would prefer a 4.5 40 guy with great reflexes and the ability to always be in the right place, over a 4.4 guy without the football knowledge anyday.


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If he was 4.25 or so. He is olympic sprinter level fast. Hell, he's so fast he was once able to watch d-rob cross the finish line.

In all seriousness though, wasn't denard able to cut into that chunk of fastest hundred times demps put up in florida? He ran a 10.3 or so, and demps had like 5 times between almost 10 flat and 10.4?

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I'd be interested to see what Kelvin Grady ran. As one of the fastest players in college basketball, it would give me a good prospective on how fast bball players are to football players.

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And running a 40 yard dash is neither. I'm just wondering how basketball players would fare in a track meet compared to football players. Obviously football players on the whole are faster sprinters, but I'm curious to see who a player like Manny Harris matches up with. Could he beat an OL in a sprint? A LB? A RB?


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I don't know why football players would automatically be faster than basketball players.

If you take a 7-footer, then obviously he's going to be pretty damn slow. But I don't see why a 6'3" or 6'4" basketball player would be that much slower than a 6'3" or 6'4" wide receiver. And I don't really see why a 5'10" basketball player would automatically be that much slower than a 5'10" running back.

I'd guess that Manny Harris is quite a bit faster than an offensive lineman. He's probably not as fast as most running backs, but a linebacker would probably be a good comparison.