Michigan WBB(#8 Seed) @ Stanford (#1 seed) NCAA Round 2

Submitted by rob f on March 26th, 2013 at 10:05 PM

The Women of Michigan have an early 14-point deficit playing on the home court of West Region's top seed, Stanford, 21-7.  Stanford is hitting from practically everywhere on the court so far...




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Yikes...I was so certain it was going to read 14 point lead (just the way it was worded).  It's only gotten worse since I tuned in so it's probably best I go back to the project I need completed for a 2:00 meeting tomorrow.

rob f

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that I'm also only paying partial attention right now, too, while mostly reading MGoBlog content.  Michigan now down 36-14 with 4 minutes left in the half; I'm going to keep it on, though, as this is likely the final game for this group of seniors.  i believe they're the winningest group of seniors ever at Michigan, just not yet on the same level at the Stanfords and Baylors and uConns of WBB.


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One seeds have only lost four times prior to the Sweet Sixteen in the women's tournament. Stanford has only had five games where their opponent was within 10 points ( two of them losses). So yeah, if the game is respectable in the end, that's a moral victory. Season has been a step forward regardless

rob f

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I admittedly don't follow WBB other than U of M, I've noticed over the years that there annually seems to be a wide gulf between the top few teams and everyone else.  For years it was Tennessee winning practically every NCAA Championship, then UConn rose up to challenge them over the last decade.  This season it looks like Baylor is clearly #1, but they probably are going to have their hands full with ND  if the top seeds advance per "chalk".

Stanford is darn good, too, but probably are another notch below ND talent-wise.


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because you pretty much can guarantee certain team into the NC like UConn, Tennessee, ND, Stanford, Baylor, etc.   Hell, a few years ago when UConn was on an undefeated run, they beat top 5-10 teams by an average of 20-30 points.  There's too many dominant team which makes it no fun for me to watch.


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For those who don't follow women's basketball, Stanford was a huge favorite in this game. One site put Michigan's chances of victory at only 6%.

Michigan's senior class has built a solid foundation for the program, and they've done just about as much as they could with the talent they have. The bottom line is that the elite teams in women's basketball are much more talented than everyone else, and so they rarely lose to any team other than one of the other elite teams.

I think the coaches will gradually be able to attract more talented players to the program and inch themselves closer to those elite teams.

rob f

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are well-taken.  Coach Barnes-Arrico seems to be capable of taking us to the next level, but there's no denying there is a wide talent gap between the cream-of-the-crop teams and the rest.  This Michigan team has nothing to be ashamed of, winning 22 games this season for (I believe) only the 2nd time in school history; I really feel bad for the seniors, especially my home-town gal, Rachel Sheffer, to see them losing by such a large margin, down now 59-30 with 10 minutes left in the game.

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Winning Sunday was a huge step for the program. They're not close to the level Stanford is. But good progress this season. Maybe they can forward it next season to challenging for the B1G and getting a 4-5-6 seed.

If Michigan makes the NCAA tournament next year, that will be a program record for consecutive appearances with 3.

rob f

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I just gave everybody one for supporting the WBB by caring enough to tune in tonight to watch them, especially our seniors, in  what looks to be their last game of the season.


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I was looking at their recruiting class the other day and they are going to have some young talent but they are going to be pretty small.

Coach is recruiting all over the place though which is a good sign.

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Great run while it lasted, especially in the first year under KBA, but there is no parity in womens CBB. The high seeds almost always advance, and the only shocker would be if it wasn't ND, Baylor, UConn and Stanford in the final four for the 183465th year in a row


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In her final game as a Wolverine, Jenny Ryan shot 5-5 and the dimunitive point guard lead the team in rebounds (!).  She ends her career as the school's all time leader in minutes played.