Michigan WBB demolishes PSU 89-53

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on January 1st, 2015 at 2:53 PM

The game just ended and Michigan did something they haven't done very much in their program's history.

At Crisler Center, Michigan just demolished Penn State 89-53. Michigan hadn't beaten PSU since 2010.

This is only the 10th win ever (10-31 series record) over PSU for Michigan WBB. Shannon Smith had 17 points with Sierra Thompson having a 10 point outing. 

Great way to rebound and even up the B1G record at 1-1. Next one is a big one: Sunday vs #24 MSU. 

Coach Kim Barnes Arico won her 50th career game at Michigan two weeks ago. She hasn't even been here 3 full seasons yet. 




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Didn't he say his 14-yr-old daughter is good at water polo?  You think he didn't know that M's water polo team's last three games were victories against California teams?  (I didn't either.)  You think he didn't research their coach before he accepted his new job?

Too bad the 4-year-old was in the bathroom, or we might have learned where her athletic talents lay.



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KBA? the big ten doesn't have a great history in WBB and michigan certainly hasn't helped the cause, but it seems like the same commitment to facilities and coaching that re-elevated the men's team is slowly helping the women. This is also one of the big ten sports where the addition of rutgers and Maryland provides two rich programs. hell, the 4 newest programs--psu, neb, md, and ru-- are possibly the top 4 historically in women's bball!


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Would love to see Michigan compete for the directors cup again. With the facilities wbb has they need to be good to offset some of the disadvantages faced due to the cold weather for outdoor sports.


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Cyesha Goree had her 5th straight double-double (20 pts, 12 rebounds, 5 assists), and freshman Katelynn Flaherty was high scorer with 21 points.  

Cyesha's other credits include having Kam Chatman's haircut before he did.  (Or at least before he was here.)