Michigan vs. Wisconsin B-Ball Snowflakes and Post Game Open Thread

Submitted by Mr. Yost on March 15th, 2013 at 4:31 PM

Wisconsin I and Indiana II were disappointing ENDINGS. This was flat out a disappointing EFFORT.

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When we got afraid to land without turning an ankle.  When you're more concerned about landing than shooting, you're fucked.

Wisconsin is a dirty team and for the first time in a very long time, I will be rooting against a Big Ten team in the first round of the tournament.


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Perhaps we won't lose in the round of 32, that may have been slightly knee-jerk, but it does appear we are fatally and fundamentally flawed on defense.  We're frequently outrebounded as well.  When our shooting tanks (a la the first half and first 5 minutes of the 2nd half today), we're pretty much dead in the water.  In a single-elimination format the likelihood of us putting together 3-4 straight wins when we haven't even had 3 consecutive wins since mid-January is not high, especially given that each game will be against increasingly tough competition.

Depending on the matchups, I think we bow out at the round of 32 or in the Sweet 16.

I'm upset about that, but at least I get to be upset about potentially making only the Sweet 16.  It's not exactly like Michigan has been a basketball juggernaut for awhile, so keeping things in perspective does help a tad.  It is maddening to see our lack of improvement, and in fact, worsening in terms of our defense the past two months.  There seems to be a multitude of factors -- increased opponent difficulty in the Big Ten, fatigue by our extremely young team, etc.  Remember, at any time we can have 3-4 true freshmen on the floor, freshmen who did not play in a conference like the Big Ten last year and who did not play as long of a season.


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I have better things to do in a day than spend effort watching us miss free throws.

I'll catch NCAA tournament on the nightly news.  These guys are mediocre and I just don't have time to blow.

Lee Harvey O.J.

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Beilein is the RR of basketball. All flashy 3 pointers, no defense, no rebounding, and no toughness. Recruiting has saved him and made the program appear better than it is, but his philosophy is flawed.


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I actually think quite the opposite. I believe Coach B and his system evolved from having under-talented teams and he is struggling adapting to the increased talent. I.e it is a better plan to run a 2 man screen game with your best player(s) while the others wait for an open 3 when you don't have a depth of talent.

I had higher hopes for this team, but you can see the huge opportunity for improvement from the frosh next year both in defense (GR3 and Nik) and physical development (laVert and MM- he's a natural beast but look at his muscle tone compared to GR3)

It's just too bad Trey won't be here next year.

True Blue Grit

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They don't seem to know what it takes to win tough games this time of year.  Bad effort in all aspects of the game.  Maybe that's the price in having too many freshmen and sophomores.


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