Michigan vs Virginia Tech in the Sugar

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Just got word from an ESPN employee



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I bought Sugar Bowl tickets a few weeks ago..hoping for us to get in.  A good friend of mine bought the second of my tickets to go with me.  He is a VA Tech fan.  We had planned to hit the Chic-fil-a Bowl also to see VATech...This saves us a trip.


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The ACC is not a very strong conference. Clemson is a good, but not great team, especially without Sammy Watkins. With him, they have a dynamic team, but are still vulnerable because their defense isn't all world. Virginia Tech's only losses were to Clemson, but they squeeked by. I think the entire rest of the conference are cupcakes. They'd probably be vying with the Minnesotas, Purdues, and Indianas if they were in the Big Ten. 

I like our chances against Virginia Tech.


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I had to neg you.  Had to do it.  Minnesota and Indiana?  Don't be silly.  Besides, 38-10 and 23-3 aren't "squeaking by."  Tech got murdered.  But this year, the ACC is at least #4 on the pecking order because the Pac-12 is three powerhouses and nine total schmos.


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I want the biggest name brand team having the most down or overrated year.  

But hoping for someone better than VT....I'm not sure who that is this year. KSU? Baylor? WV? Formly Houston?  The only name being realistically bandied about that would qualify is Stanford.  So, if one wanted someone "better", there weren't lots of likely choices.

Mr. Yost

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There were no rumblings of Va Tech...they lost to Clemson and seemed out.


Are they going to be top 14 in the BCS to get that at-large? They're ranked like #17 in the AP poll.


As for the matchup, I'll definitely take it. A BCS conference team, solid program, good history. I'll def take it. Plus it's a VERY winnable game, I actually think TCU and Boise St. would've been tougher.


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Logan Thomas (QB) is a pretty good athlete.  I think UM could handle them also, but a month to prepare for anyone kind of makes me wanna throw the cards out the window as far as predicting "match-ups" and "who should beat who" (See Gator Bowl, 2010).


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It certainly is a winnable game, given that VT hasn't beaten a team that is currently ranked. The best team they played romped them twice. 

Key is to stop David Wilson, want to see if Logan Thomas can respond after his subpar performance last night 


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This is a very unusual match-up for the Sugar Bowl. This bowl usually has a more southern flavor. These two teams just don't make sense. Just glancing at previous match-ups, Va Tech has been there three times in the past 20 years and played Texas, Auburn, and Florida State. But this is the ever changing era of the BCS, so whatever happens makes sense because it must.