Michigan vs Vandy in Gator Bowl, CBS predicts

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on December 1st, 2013 at 12:32 PM

Interesting. If Michigan plays like they did yesterday, they're gonna smack someone around in the bowl.

An old rivalry renewed. Yost vs McGugin.

Date Result Venue
10/14/1905 Michigan 18  Vanderbilt 0 Regents Field
11/3/1906 Michigan 10  Vanderbilt 4 Ferry Field
11/2/1907 Michigan 8    Vanderbilt 0 Old Dudley Field
10/31/1908 Michigan 24  Vanderbilt 6 Ferry Field
10/28/1911 Michigan 9    Vanderbilt 8 Ferry Field
10/25/1913 Michigan 33  Vanderbilt 2 Old Dudley Field
10/10/1914 Michigan 23  Vanderbilt 3 Ferry Field
10/14/1922 Michigan 0    Vanderbilt 0 Dudley Field
10/13/1923 Michigan 3    Vanderbilt 0 Ferry Field
9/20/1969 Michigan 42  Vanderbilt 14 Michigan Stadium
9/2/2006 #14 Michigan 27  Vanderbilt 7 Michigan Stadium




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If you run this through Massey's simulator:

  Michigan Vanderbilt
Most Likely 31 29
Median 31 30
Mean 31.38 30.28
Win Probability 53% 47%

I can't remember precisely, but I think ESPN's prediction of the Texas Bowl (well, one of the two people that do these for them) was another slightly favorable one for us on paper. 


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Blergh...Jacksonville is a horrible city and if we have to play Generic SEC teamm, I'd rather play Ole Miss or Miss State or even Georgia

Vandy is just boring


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New Years day bowl vs SEC is the most we could hope for after this season. Recruiting in Florida wouldn't be hurt with a local appearance also. It would be no gimme even if good Michgan shows up. Only bummer would be a possible conflict with the Winter Classic at the Big House for the few Wings/UM fans.

Avon Barksdale

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Watched Mizzou play at Vandy this year. Best friend is also a Vandy fan and season ticket holder. They needed a last second field goal to beat Wake Forest yesterday.

Would be a favorable matchup for us. Their issue is they don't travel well so generally the Florida bowls typically take the Georgia's, A&M's, South Carolina type of fan bases over them.


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I am afraid of any match in the bowl season. We have shown up exactly twice in 12 games....no reason to believe we would show up for a bowl game.

Whoever we draw will be a handful for who we are this season.


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We have shown up exactly twice in 12 games

That's a bit over the top.  We beat CMU by 50, Minnesota by 29, ND by 11 and took OSU to the wire - that's four good games.  There were other games where one unit played well (offense against IU, defense against Northwestern and Nebraska).

I think this team followed the general trajectory of a young team going through growing pains.  The fact that our schedule was backloaded masked some of the development players made.  With a month off, I'm reasonably optimistic about our bowl performance. 



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Aside from disappointment in where Michigan falls, the prediction of OSU in the national championship and MSU in the Rose Bowl is disheartening.  Meh.  What another junk year for teams i cheer for in college football. Feels like it never ends.

On the plus - UMD got 7 wins!  LOL.  Military bowl bound.


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When will bowl matchups be fully ironed out?  Obviously after the conference championships but is there a hard date for when this all gets decided?


EDIT: Just saw that apparently announcements are Dec 8


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I have seen some discrepancy on this, but I believe the BWW has the selection BEFORE the Gator Bowl. If so, they will take UM as a) we're a 'name' team and b) we haven't played in Arizona in awhile. Certainly they would select us over Minnesota.

If so, we're likely to play Texas. Aka, the Revenge of Gerg.


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I don't understand why the Conference doesn't just tell us which bowls pick in what order. It's not that hard for them to put out something on the site


Here's what I figure though. Wisconsin to the Capital One bowl, Iowa to the Outback Bowl, and then Nebraska/UM split the Gator/BWW bowl, with Minnesota getting some Texas bowl

Avon Barksdale

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But just because a bowl bids for you - you don't have to accept correct? I mean if the BWW bowl chooses us it's not like we have to accept that bid. If we are offered by Gator, I don't see why we wouldn't accept. I don't see any reason why we would go to Arizona for a December(?) bowl game in an area that we don't recruit at all instead of a Florida bowl where we do recruit occasionally and will have a national New Years Day audience.

Victor Hale II

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I'm not sure about the exact numbers, but there have been some notable UM players from the Southwest.  Lewan, Roh, Branch come to mind, not to mention plenty of other kids that have had UM in their list of final teams.  SoCal isn't far away, and Hoke seems to offer lots of guys in that area, too.  Of course, there have been more UM players from Florida, but to say UM doesn't recruit the SW "at all" is inaccurate.