November 6th, 2012 at 10:53 AM ^

I got up early this morning to watch it on mgovideo.


Trey Burke may be the best PG in the country(he certainly looks like it), but

I think GR3 is our best player.  The kid just doesn't miss.  Combined with his height and athleticism...I will be very happy if he is not wearing an nba uniform next year.  I will also be very surprised. 

Spike's ceiling is likely limited by his height.  But the kid can ball.  Burke getting in foul trouble or twisting his ankle no longer spells doom.  Michigan just becomes a top 20 team instead of a top 5. 

Rebounding is going to be a LOT better.  McGary=Jordan Morgan + mashing turbo button.  If you haven't watched a game you will see what I mean.  There have been flashes of McGary as an off-ball eraser(looking at 10 minutes left in the second half specifically).  There is hope that with increased confidence and conditioning we will see more of this.  Yes please.

Vogrich flashes that Novak grit like no one else on the team.  Unfortunately Stu and Zack have helped build the program to the point that there might just not be minutes for him.  It is kind of sad and kind of awesome all at the same time.

If there is a negative with this team it is their perimeter defense.  They just aren't getting hands in faces like they need to.  But there are a couple of assistant coaches that will beat that into them...I've got faith in that.

Mclimans has not improved as much as Beilein probably would have liked.  I understand he is an excellent teammate though, and with McGary/Morgan/Horford Michigan will be alright in the post anyway.

Overall I have got to say at this point in the season I think they can play with any team in the country.  To be more specific, having watched MSU's preseason games...Michigan is going to absolutely curb stomp them twice.  Its going to be a fun year.