Michigan vs Purdue 1995 football game

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I've always wondered why the Michigan-purdue game of 1995 was 5-0. I heard there was horrible weather which is indicated by the score. I was wondering if anyone has a video of the game like a WolverineHistorian type video? I'd love to see it.



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Purdue 1995:
I was in the band that year. On the way over, 50ish degrees and driving rain. Field full of mud in pre game, I took a dive in pre game. Between then and halftime the temp dropped 30 degrees or so, it was sleeting/icing/snowing at us in a driving wind. We did some sort of a Dudley do right show that game, and I remember some girl who was going to be the "damsel in distress" to be rescued accidentally got body slammed into the mud when her would be rescuer slipped. I couldn't feel my hands by the end, and managed to light my glove on fire warming it up on one of the sideline heaters. The game was equally as painful. The field was so muddy you could barely move on it. That's why it was 5-0.


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I remember just struggling to feel my hands. I had pretty decent student seats that first year, but recall getting really close to the field as the crowd dissipated. Always proud that I stuck it out for that one all the way to the end.

Will Carr was a really cool (and smart) guy. I had him in a couple Comm Studies classes and was amazed at how short he was. He was listed at 6-0 or 6-1, but he was maybe 5-10 and about 300 lbs. Didn't look fat at all though. And was ALWAYS in class, as all Lloyd players were in those days.



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I believe that was Parent's weekend in 1995. Actually, it was. My parents came up to the game, and all I remember was they had left before halftime, deciding to listen to the game in their car near in a parking garage. I stayed and by games end, yes, there were only about 25-30,000 fans left. Neither offense could do anything.

What stands out the most was the confrontation that occurred on Hoover as everyone was approaching Greene. The scalpers were offering tickets for well above face value. So, the older Michigan fans that were headed to the game, freezing and wondering why they were going, started to taunt the scalpers about their prices. I think there were remarks like, how about you pay me $50 for that ticket, or why don't you buy my ticket for $50. Or something to that effect. The scalpers were not happy, but seriously, no one was going to that game at that point unless they'd already spent money on tickets.

Other bad weather games included Minnesota in 1997 and Purdue in 1999 (which helped because Purdue receivers were dropping Brees passes all over the place).


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97 Minnesota?  I went to that game and while it was cloudy and grey, the rain held out and it wasn't THAT cold for the 1st of November.  I didn't even wear a coat.

About an hour after our game finished was when the rain came down in buckets.  I watched the bucks destroy MSU in East Lansing in a downpour and I remarked to my dad how lucky that we got our game over with before the weather went to hell.



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Wolverine Historian if can do some uploads of some of the bad weather games that Michigan was involved in and won. I know that I'll probadly get neg-banged for mentioning this because many those games were either boring or just a flat out disaster but I was always curious in some of the games how Michigan handle some of the worst weather conditions that the BigTen and or the other games threw at us.


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That is the coldest I have ever been at a Michigan game and Ive had season tickets since birth. The wind/rain/snow/hail were miserable. I can still picture Mercury Hayes running out of bounds and sliding head first into this huuuuuge puddle behind the Michigan sideline, it looked like a small pond.


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I was going to to the game with a freind with whom I had attended at least 60 games   I lived around Packard and Stadium.  We started to walk to the game, said FTS, got some beer, and watched it on TV.  That was the only time the weather was bad enough that either of us decided not to go to a Michigan game.  

We were very happy that we made that choice.  The weather would have been enough torture, but the game might have been even worse.


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game also, i when my dad and i picked up my uncle and cousin the tempature was around 55 and cloudy. The weather report came on the radio shortly after we left and said that there would be: rain, freezing rain/sleete and snow by game time my uncle then said that there was no way the temp would drop that fast. When we got to our parking spot in AA it started to sprinkle and went from there. As others have said above it was by far the worst weather game I have ever been to, at one point my poncho just blew off of me. Stoney from 97.1 (WDFN at that time) sat behind us at the game and did not come prepared at all, he was wearing a thin jacket and sweater. At halftime he disapeared and never came back the seats. the next day my dad felt the need to call into 1130 and give Stoney a hard time about leaving at halftime, he said that he went to the victors club to watch the rest of the game.

there are 2 other things that I remember from that game: chuck winters had the cleanest uniform out of any player and he played the whole game and mike alstott set the rushing record for a full back.


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I was sitting in the northeast corner that day.  I remember watching the entire student section jumping up and down like they were trying to stay warm.  The running joke for years has been that when my mother comes to the game, bad weather ensues.  After that game, my cousin told her that she could make it snow in a dome.


Also, people have mentioned the '96 BC game.  I remember that being a monumental downpour, but it wasn't that bad because it was also pretty warm.  I was soaked, but I wasn't cold.  It doesn't compare to the Purdue game, where everyone got soaked early, then their clothing froze.