Michigan vs OSU Lacrosse Live BTN

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Michigan vs ohio state live on BTN from the horseshoe. Wolverines up early 2-1.



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Has been set by The Ohio State University . Seems they are able to beat UM at everything football related.
Then again, they have had the two best head coaches in football over the last 15 years. First Tressel raping UM every year only for that to end and Urban Meyer to kick down the door and stick it right in Michigans ass, over, and over, and over, and over,,,,it's like a bukake and UM is the little Japanese girl.


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I'm surprised there aren't more people at the game, their spring game is after this at 1:30. Maybe they are allowed to tailgate. /ducks


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I don't completely disagree, we have progressed slower than I anticipated. On the other hand, we were at a significant disadvantage recruiting the first couple of classes as many players commit early in high school. For the first few years of D-I, I think the team was actually less talented than some of the club teams. Five years in lacrosse isn't enough to get all the talent you need.


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So was Marquette, BU, and High Point...yet they've progressed. If we were talking making the NCAA tournament then, yes, your argument is valid...it would take a few years of recruiting.

But we're talking about being competitive! We're talking about winning 5 games or so! It's not about recruiting, it's about the system, the discipline, the style, and the coaching.


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Yea, I see your point. From what I understand, many of the relatively new programs depended on transfers to be immediately competitive. The Michigan coaches decided that the culture that they wanted to build was more important in the long run than having a good team now. From the experiences of the club team, I think they're right. Culture was the one thing holding that team back. The coaching staff has their shortcomings, but I do agree with the approach they've taken in putting together a team that should continue to improve. I don't know if that really explains why we've underperformed relative to other programs, makes some sense to me though. Younger inexperienced players who buy in from day one or better players that being their school's culture with them.


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Bad coaching is bad coaching, there are high school teams in maryland with more complicated offenses that are less sloppy than this team, we are losing to a team with no big ten wins, can't make the big ten tourney.  If we let good recruiting buy a bad coach extra time Hoke would still be coaching at Michigan.  Good recruiting doesn't excuse poor coaching.

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You don't have to be a 5 star recruit to know how to stay onside and how to slide properly. I coached a ragtag middle school team that had their slides down by midseason. That's about coaching not skill. The skill comes from how well you can do it and how quickly, not whether you know how to do it in the first place. Love JP for what he built but I fear bringing in top-tier talent and squandering it. Coaching change that comes too late could tell future recruits to stay away. And the guys coming in might look around if it's clear we've grown complacent.

Note: I can't comment on our coaching specifically or firsthand since I haven't been able to watch almost at all, but I'm going by what other people are saying.

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So you want John Beilein fired, who rescued the basketball program and won two B1G Championships and went to the national championship game in 3 years............but you want 15-55 John Paul to get more time for some recruits that will be freshmen in two years.....?

You're insane. 

JP has had enough time. His team is made up of players that he recruited and a 3-win season is the best we are gonna get in year 5. Enough is enough. 

Racking up double digit losses every year while younger programs are actually winning with less is not gonna fly for much longer. He'll likely get one more year since KJ being injured can be used as an excuse for this losing skid. 

Spoiler: our record has still been horrible even with KJ. 


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I never said I want John Beilein fired. I said I want him to recruit better and actually coach defense. Stop putting words in my mouth and misrepresenting my comments. I know that's difficult for you, but try.

Also, lets put to rest Beilein "rescued" anything. He took over a team that had won over 20 games the previous two years, inherited Manny, Epke, and Deshawn, and was getting a 100 million dollar basketball complex.


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I watched the OSU game. There is no one who looks like a football player. They are in great shape and are great athletes. But rating guys in a sport that 99.5 % of the population don't care about is silly. Coaches know players. They did before ratings. Ratings are for fans. And clicks.

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Saying no lacrosse player looks like a football player, is like saying none of the hockey team look like basketball players. The athletes are trained for their sport specifically, you wouldn't want a 275 lbs football DE as long stick defender on the lacrosse team. Same that you wouldn't want a 5'9" attack man as your starting strong safety.

Having grown up in Michigan, and then moving to central NY, I can attest that elite athletes definitely choose lacrosse. I was shocked when I moved to NY how many kids you see walking to school with a lacrosse stick (even inner city kids).


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To the people who don't know anything about the sport saying we should be patient. Anyone who has played lacrosse can see how painfully obvious it is that we have by far the worst coaching staff of any D1 team in a legitimate position to contend. The awful technique and mental errors in every facet are unbelievable and they have not improved, year after year.

Like Hoke, JP cares a lot and deserves credit for building the program but it is so clear that he and his assistants are in over their heads. As shown by playing Maryland and Rutgers close, we have the talent to be a ranked team right now but lack even semi-competent coaching and what we have seen through five years won't change until we move on, regardless of our talent level. If we didn't have an elite goalie we would probably be winless with not many games even competitive.


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Can't speak as someone who played for JP, but as someone who had a good number of friends on the team my understanding is it was simply the talent who went to Michigan was much better and yes the university draws way more east coasters.

The program was also run like a D1 program, way more seriously than my friends who played at western and central and MSU, who were in the MCLA as well and played Michigan annually.

Can former players chime in...is this on point?