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There are 11 teams in the CCHA, so the top 5 get byes to the quarters (like the Big Ten basketball tournament was before last year). Seeds 6, 7 (us), and 8 host 11, 10, and 9, respectively, in the first round. Winners advance and are re-seeded each round.

The semis and finals are single elimination, and held in Detroit (Joe Louis Arena). The NCAA tournament is also single elimination, just like the basketball tournament. 16 teams qualify.

Of course, this all changes next year when Michigan (along with State, Ohio, Penn State, Wisco, and Minnesota form the B1G hockey conference. 


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for posting that url.  we don't have television but took the time to put that on the computer screen and i let the kids watch some hockey.  a nice treat for them and a victory, albeit with more drama than should've been necessary, for our beloved wolverines.go blue.