Michigan vs. MSU SNOWFLAKES Thread

Submitted by Mr. Yost on January 25th, 2014 at 9:20 PM

...for you boring sober people that actually want to discuss the game.



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The officiating got a little bit better, though through the second half into about the 8 minute mark I was steaming at a few calls/no-calls.  They did well in finishing the game though. 


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Yea, I know the Beilein thing was a little after the mark I'm thinking things kind of "changed
 per se, but I think yes, it mattered.  I'm curious to what exactly pissed Beilein off; he got a little Fran in him and I honestly can't blame him, though, I'm glad he backed off as he was CLOSE to getting the T.


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Beilein uber alles. Beilein uber alles. Walton had ice water in his veins today.

I would also like to add that Beilein is 5-2 in his last 7 vs. Izzo. With equalish talent look who owns whom.


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this felt like Walton's coming out game.


This team, today, was just cold blooded from the line. A huge difference from the team last year when I would cringe before each foul shot.


great game.


Its great to be!!!!


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You must have just imagined it, because the words certainly aren't there to see. I had just read it, and it was clearly in reply to a comment about Stauskas waving. Sorry, jdon, from now on I'll try to live up to your lofty standard. 

Mr. Yost

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Was it just the culmination or did something happen. It looked like he pointed to his face like he was trying to say someone go hit in the face.


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Michigan eFG% - 55.00%

Michigan OREB% - 36.67%

Michigan Free Throw Rate - 60.00%

Michigan Turnover % - 13.66%


Michigan State eFG% - 52.68%

Michigan State OREB% - 32.35%

Michigan State Free Throw Rate - 41.07%

Michigan State Turnover % - 9.03%

In the end, better shooting and going to the line every other possession helped us out rather a lot.  


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JB has proved that he is an elite coach and does not cheat. He wins big games at home and on the road. Moreover, he devlops talent. Go BLUE!


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Stauskas 5 of 6 from downtown.  

Walton 9 of 10 from the line, and I'm pretty sure they were all in the last minute and a half.  That's called showing up.  

As a team that was probably the most impressive free throw performance I've seen from a Michigan team that I can remember.

We had 11 ORebs to Sparty's 11.  And we narrowly won the rebounding battle overall.

On the negative said, Spike had his first turnover of the Big Ten season. Dang.

Max Bielfeldt played 4 key minutes and got 2 rebounds, and Brad Anlauf (?) gave us a few seconds but was 0 for 1 on FGs. Depth? We haz it?

Lucky Socks

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Walton growing up.  Stauskas proves he can do it (patiently) against an NBA level defender. LeVert makes key plays.  GRIII pitches in despite not playing his best game.  Irvin hasn't even scratched his potential.  I think we're legitmiate Big Ten Championship contenders (obviously), but I do think we lack NCAA Championship potential without Mitch.  Who cares, I'll enjoy the ride.  Love this team.  


On a separate note, I'll take a win in East Lansing under any circumstance, but I have to say it...MSU is gonna look very dangerous with Payne healthy.  Dawson will help too, but I think he's negligible. Still a four team race for the crown (M, MSU, Iowa, Wisco).