Michigan vs. MSU bball open thread

Submitted by ThadMattasagoblin on February 12th, 2013 at 7:08 PM

If you're in the Breslin, be sure to chant loud enough so we can hear you on the t.v.!



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Shooters?  I mean I get what you're saying but our shooter(s) aren't exactly world-beaters.  THJ is on a streak and we can only hope that continues; it'll be a huge help to this team.  GRIII has been slumping and doing literally nothing, let alone hitting long jumpers, and Stauskas has come down to an above average (versus GREAT early in the season) three point shooter.  I on any given night when two of the three guys that can shoot (not counting Trey, I guess) are not hitting shots, it could be a tough night.  I know people jumped off the Florida Bandwagon and claim they aren't as good as they were advertised, but an even average shooting night from us against Florida is not a matchup I personally want to see.  Call me cynical.


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Doesn't Mgoblog have a guide on where to watch games in different cities. I've been searching everywhere and can't find it...I'm borderling retarted at navigating sites though. Looking for a place to watch in Chicago that is not duffy's crazy but will be playing sound


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Will there be an open thread for the State of the Union?  I'd like to witness reasonable, sound debate from the MGoBlog community.  Seems like this place has been lacking in controversy lately...



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will not be at the game. Just saw him with the Heat telecast during the Miami game. I can't think of the last big game that TH Sr. wasn't watching him son play live. 

Go Blue! Beat State!


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FYI, the Heat announcers just asked TH Sr. why he was missing the game. He responded that  he is leaving at halftime to make sure he watches the game in entirely and be in the moment. 

They then said that TH Jr was a Junior and what about next year? TH Sr. response was that "you can't teach height". TH Jr has the length to shoot over people that TH Sr. never had. TH Sr. "chest can barely fit in Miami", because he is that proud of his son. How he helps put his team in a position to win every game and hopefully lead a Final Four run. But afterwards, it is ultimately TH Jr's decision to make and TH Sr. supports his son either way. Unfortunately, overall, my impression of his comments was that TH Jr. is leaning more to heading to the draft next year than staying, but it is still very much undecided.



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meeting Izzo and Dantonio at mid court after we win and seeing Mattison mouth the words... Get the fuck off my court" and Hoke following with... "and I'll be taking your recruits".

Fuck Sparty!