Michigan vs. MSU (2nd Half Thread)

Submitted by Mr. Yost on November 2nd, 2013 at 5:41 PM

Suprised no one made it...so here we go as the first thread reaches 1,000 replies.

If we come back and win, remember when it started. If we don't...delete this forever.



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Well, um, I mean um, the kids practiced hard all week, um, I mean two weeks. Toughness, we couch toughness and manball , ya know, um, have to execute, um, really not sure....


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Please dont come to Michigan and play for this shit ass coaching staff.  Go to the SEC and play for a real coach who will coach you up and make you better.


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Barely showing up after a bye week. This is on Hoke. This team was not prepared and to have the O line run over almost all day is disgusting. Mattison's side of the ball at least showed up. Borges and Hoke are just stubborn. Funk's inability to have this O line improve marginally over the course of the season has his job severely in jeopardy. If Funk isn't let go, Hoke cannot build this team.

We ALL bought into Hoke saying all the right things at his presser. Now, I'm not convinced he is the answer for this team. Brandon ran his businesses the same way as this athletic program, make as many bucks in as short a time as possible. Convinced Stephen Ross to commit $100 million to the school. Keep Mattison and shitcan the rest.

All those fantastic recruits we get haven't been coached correctly and the studs who have committed see this BS and suddenly look at Bama and OSU again. We're headed to irrelevancy once again.


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Complete and total embarassment. Funk, Wellman, and Borges need to find new employment.

Getting this completely outcoached is ridiculous and there is no strength development.


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We have had games of -32 and -48 rushing yards this season. I know sacks are a part of the total but they are also indicative of the symptoms as well. The more sacks you have, the shittier your O line is.

Good job Funk for allowing DG to get pummeled today.


November 2nd, 2013 at 6:56 PM ^

1) No blaming this on the officials.  The game was called pretty well.  2) We played dirtier than MSU did (particularly Lewan).   3) This one is all on us.............and it starts with the coaches. 


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Why would you want that for a great high school player.  Shit I want to watch him suceed and he wont do that at this shitty program.  But all the boosters care about is 8 to 10 wins which is why we will always be a wooping board for good teams.


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no New Years day bowl game.  Hoke an Co should be on the hot seat.  They as a group aren't doing their job.  I don't care how good Mattison is, the DBs never look for the ball, they get beat too often and we don't pressure the QB anymore.  I'm thinking we are recruiting the right players or they aren't getting developed because this program has gotten steadily worse since Hoke's first season with RRs players.

Next year will not be fun.  The strongest program in the state is MSU by a long shot.  The only we beat them is if Dantonio and Narduzzi leave.

Mr. Yost

November 2nd, 2013 at 7:05 PM ^

His assistants are...but he's not.

He's got 1 great recruiting class and another on the way.

Hoke's got to stay at least until this Freshman class becomes seniors in order for us to see what he can do.

2015 is the make or break year.

That said, no excuse for the poor some of the stuff we've seen.


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1st Downs 12 18
3rd down efficiency
2 for 13 9 for 18
4th down efficiency
0-1 0-0
Total Yards 168 397
Passing 216 252
15-30 18-33
Yards per pass
7.2 7.6
Rushing -48 145
Rushing Attempts
29 39
Yards per rush
-1.7 3.7
Yards Per Play 2.85 6.51
Turnovers 1 1
Fumbles lost
0 0
Interceptions thrown
1 1
Possession 27:30:00 32:21:00



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I will never blame the kids. They are 18-22 years old and being coached, not the D however, by inferior coaches. They are told what to do and are following orders even though the orders will certainly lead to their defeat.

Was Brandon on the sidelines today? If so, he saw a team after a bye week eat a huge shit sandwich. First, PSU, now MSU, where the coaching was so bad, he has to wonder what was I thinking this guy could turn around this program.


November 2nd, 2013 at 11:54 PM ^

Fire Borges. Nobody will read this, fine. I get that the MSU defense is good, I really get it. It seems that our offensive production is directly correlated to the opposing defense. We have done well against bad defenses and terribly against the elite. You know what that means? The offense is mediocre, not worthy of this school and team that I hold close to my heart. If I see that 3 stacked WR set again I'm going to puke. All the NFL teams use that set, wait nope, nobody does, not even decent college teams. And fuck it, let's run it up the middle despite the fact that we know that we haven't had any success, and won't the rest of the game. No, don't try to spread the field. And let's go play action on every passing play when they've had no reason to respect the run in the first place. Honestly there was a time that I thought that Denard was holding back the offense that they really wanted to run. Now that I've seen the offense they want to run, I'm hoping they go back to ripping off RR's play book. Mediocre, run of the mill, never going to beat a good defense, absolute shit. And the sad thing is that Hoke is such a good guy that he will justify this and Borges will torment me in the future. Fuck Borges.

Can't blame the defense when MSU is getting great field position all the time. Since they started at the 50 most of their drives, they should have scored twice as many points. The defense performed well, the offense fucked us, fucked up the special teams, fucked the defense over royally.

Fuck me, fuck you, fuck everybody, fuck everything. Most of all, fuck Borges, because he has fucked the entire fan base big time on multiple occasions. And I'm not even drunk, just pissed. Maybe I should get drunk.