Michigan vs. MSU (2nd Half Thread)

Submitted by Mr. Yost on November 2nd, 2013 at 5:41 PM

Suprised no one made it...so here we go as the first thread reaches 1,000 replies.

If we come back and win, remember when it started. If we don't...delete this forever.



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I will not mention his name, but this regime is turning out to be very similar to his in a sense (minus the whole shitting on traditions thing): Potential is there, but a head coach in over his head continues to support a disfuntional scheme headed up by a overrated, unimpressive coordinator riding the coattails of his one decent season at a different school. Hopefully in this regime, the head coach has the balls to realize how stupid he's been.


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in over its head.  They don't bring the players ready to play.  There is no fight in this team in big games.  They haven't won a tough road game yet and no signature wins.  OSU will destroy this team.

Beating INdiana means nothing , Minnesota is crushing them.


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Well everyone's talking about the O-line play, but IMO Gardner hasn't helped by making some poor throws and hanging onto the ball too long.   That last INT sealed the deal.   We needed a good game from the QB today and we didn't get it.  I still think Borges is part of the problem on offense,  Gardner hanging onto the ball too long is on the coaches as much as him.



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His passive attitude has been adopted by the players.  They have no passion either.  We should have hired Les Miles.  He my be crazy and crosses the line sometimes, but he would do whatever it takes to win.  Hoke doesn't.  We'll never win a championship playing without passion.  The days of Bo and being a good guy are over.

Maybe Harbaugh will get bored in the NFL.  We're in real trouble.  We'll lose a few recruits due to this crap.


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Gets a pass. He calls and players don't execute at times, Borges makes bad calls and players don't execute often. his QB can't handle pressure and he is his primary coach. His OL cannot block and that's n Funk. lots of plays with guys blocking AIR and Fitz not blocking well. Wow. Offensive meltdown #alotcrap