Michigan vs msu 2016

Submitted by goblue85 on August 15th, 2017 at 9:32 AM
DVR opportunity. Today at 1130am on btn they are reshowing last year game at east Lansing. They had Illinois game on yesterday watch later this week over. I'm ready for the season to start. It can't get here fast enough!



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The least memorable game of the entire year last season, IMO. After the demolition of Rutgers, before the revenge game in East Lansing. I had to look the game up to refresh myself on the details. A fine, humdrum, convincing but unspectacular victory.

814 East U

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I want blood this year. Although the game was never in doubt, I want a blowout. I want what Wisconsin did to us in 2009. Memories of Chris Perry rushing 51 times would be nice.

I don't even want them to claim dignity this time.

UM Fan from Sydney

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I am with you. While I wanted that last year, I'll take the win. That said, like you mentioned, the game was never in doubt, despite what MSU fans will say. I am still perplexed as to why Dantonio decided to go for two at the end. It made no sense from a scoring standpoint. You could even see MSU fans with the "why the fuck did he decide that" look on their faces.

Jabrill thanked him.


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admit, I was worried after State's opening drive.  It looked WAY too easy.  A small part of me thought "here we go again....."


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of observations from the rewatch:

1) Holy hell did Conner Cook play out of his mind.  I don't know if I have ever seen a QB play that far above themselves for any entire game.

2) Harbaugh was visibly confounded during the last minute.  It appeared that he knew he was not managing the down-distance-time in an ideal fashion but seemed trapped in the moment.

3) We had all kinds of trouble moving the ball in the second half from repeatedly good field position.  Make one of those field goals into touchdown and it is over.

4) No way Bolden should have been ejected.

5) Holloway had an opportunity to take Watts-Jackson down right away if he would have cut inside a blocker who had not felt or seen him yet.  Much is made of the hold (and it was a hold) late in the run back but it was in the split second that Jackson scooped up the ball that they play could have been made.


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he appeared confounded.  Like, he was trying to do an equation in his head and it wasn't quite coming clear like he wanted it to.  I think he badly wanted to avoid punting in that situation but with all the moving parts he couldn't quite compute how best to go about accomplishing that goal. 

Gucci Mane

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2015 game does not bother me at all for a couple reasons.

1. We were not going to beat OSU, this not going to win the big ten.

2. It showed that in a matter of 8 months, Harbuagh had undid a decade of Dantony's work.

3. It will serve as motivation for years to come.

And I will believe that the blocked punt was a fake till the day I die. 9/10 it would have. Even a Michigan TD running upnthe score on them. It would have been glorious. But the true outcome may serve best for the long run as Harbuagh will never take MSU for granted, and never show mercy.

Everyone Murders

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One of my favorite moments after the game was over was walking out of Spartan Stadium and hearing a teary Spartan woman dramatically say "well, at least we'll always be Spartans" to her husband/boyfriend, who nodded.

I nodded too. 



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Honest question. Do those of you who get excited about these re-broadcasts don't have smart TV's? If you do, you can just pull up the YouTube app on your TV and watch any of the full games available at any time, and without the commercials. No need for DVR if you have a modern internet-capable TV.