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This thread has over 330 posts.  Pretty incredible. All the interest of UM plus Devin Gardner.

I have to say, I feel SO SO SO much better about the possibilities of next year after seeing Gardner.  There is no way, baring injury, that he isn't our starter for one or two more years (please redshirt, yes).  This is only one game, and against Minn, but with so little prep, he has proven what he can do 

1) with the strength of his arm

2) with decision making

3) under pressure

4) with great running

Call me very impressed.  More impressed than I had hoped, to be honest.  One terrible INT decision, but beyond that, well done!


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Half the distance to the goal is probably the worst rule in football. A 15 yard penalty from the 4 should take it to the 1, not be reduced to a 2 yard penalty. It's only 1 yard and we scored anyway, but It's still an awful rule

snarling wolverine

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Wow, after this quarter I feel MUCH better about 

1) this game

2) the rest of this season, and 

3) next season

Gardner looks great.  I really hope he gets that redshirt applied retroactively to 2010, because it'd be a shame if he can only start for one season.  


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This thread started off really negative about Devin.  I thought it was way too early to judge on the road in a hostile environment and we have to let him get a few more plays before we make a judgement.  After a half I am pretty pleased with Devin's play.  He's been fairly accurate and made some good decisions.  I particularly liked his recognizition of the offsides when he threw the jump ball.  He went through his reads on a few plays, then decided to tuck and run when no one was open.  And, he bought some time in some other plays and eventually found guys downfield, especially on the TD.  And, he didn't blatently miss any recievers.  All in all although he doesn't have Denard's playmaking ability I think his decision making and reading coverage appears better.  Still a small sample size, but I'm pleased with what I've seen so far and am confident we can win Devin.