Michigan vs Houston set for 9:40 Eastern Tip-off

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Another late one on  Saturday. It'll be at least around 9:40pm depending on when the Kansas-Seton Hall game ends.   Get a nap in if you're hitting the green beer early.




Michigan-Houston will be the late game again Saturday. 30 minutes after Kansas-Seton Hall at 7:10 pm ET.

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The guy had a 50% usage in today's game.  That's nuts.  He took 25 shot attempts from the field, 15 free throws, 1 offensive rebound, and had a 0:4 assist to turnover ratio.  In a 71 possession game, he accounted for about 35-36 of them.  That's just... I don't even know, man.

The guy scored 39 points -- and they barely won the game.

If Michigan can figure out a way to stop him -- easier said than done -- Saturday's game should be much less of a toss-up than KenPom predicts.


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I think Michigan might be a little better defensively than SDSU was.  I see Z all but shutting him down, and the rest of the team obliterating thier other 4 players.  Manbun will see some traps and doubles to help Z, and he'll have nowhere to go.  He'll probably still score 20, but I just can't see the rest of his team hurting anything.


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He had success against Cincy too, the #2 defense on kenpom.  The dude gets his points and hits tough shots.  Thats his game. Maybe we get lucky and this is the game he misses tough shots but people thinking Z will just shut him down are being naive


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They said yesterday's game was a 9:50 start.   DIdn't start till 10:30.   That sucked.   My wife, who hates basketball, but agreed to watch the game was really annoyed.  ...and so was I.  CBS/TBS/NCAA sucks.


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And Michigan State plays at 7:10pm in Detroit. I hope they can adjust to playing 10 minutes later than their usual tip time -- especially with the grueling travel involved.


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Anyone know if we’ll get the same refs as tonight? They seemed determined to call everything from the tip. Then, after calling 18 fouls in the first 8 minutes, it was like they realized it was bad and totally changed the way they were calling the game. The second half was equally inconsistent.

My main concern is another game where Z is on the bench for 25 minutes. We need him for 35+ against man bun.


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No they didn't.  They don't have crews work back-to-back games.  Refereeing is more of a workout than you might think. :)

The four games today got four entirely separate crews.  Some of them may already have flown out to work somewhere else tomorrow; some others may be flying in tomorrow after working games somewhere else.

Last year, one of the three officials in the Michigan / Louisville game on Sunday had worked in Indianapolis on Friday (Lamar Simpson worked Kentucky vs. Northern Kentucky).  I'd expect we'll likely get an entirely different crew than worked either of today's late games.


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is you get three guys who never officiate with each other before from different conferences with different points of officiating emphasis, and so while the dominant whistle is calling every bump on the baseline or blocks when guys are going after loose balls, other guys are letting it go and then calling in the act shots when guys have clearly not raised their arms to shoot.

This issue was evident throughout the day yesterday in almost every game. Part of the problem is the fact that these guys are all trying to impress evaluators on-site for their next assignment.

So, you get Big Ten officials sprinkled in with other conference whistles and it takes a half before they finally figure out teams and how to call their games. Beilein never gets animated and yet he was super-pissed after three immediate fouls were called on Michigan after a lousy tip that led to a scrum on the floor and a walk called on Moe. By the way, Terry Weimer, who called the Big Ten championship game, was the extra ref at the scorer's table.

Perkis-Size Me

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I imagine it’s done this way to give every team a roughly equal amount of rest time between games. If they were put in the 12pm Saturday slot and lost big (or lost at all), I’m sure a lot of people would complain about how they didn’t get as much rest time as other teams.


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so tip off wont be until after 10pm again and game wont be over until 12:30am, that pisses me off, just like last night houston and san diego st was before M, should have been other way around for people viewing in the actual schools time zone.

state gets prime time friday and gurantee will be 1 or 4 pm sunday which again great time. But state always gets shafted on national television....per state fans 


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I don't mind the late tip since it's a Saturday and I have Monday off! 

Can we please stop wearing the white uniforms? It's time to wear maize for the rest of the tournament! Or Blue! 


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For the team and they will be ready to go tomorrow night. Hoping last night was like the Iowa game in the big ten tournament, and now they will breeze through the rest of this tourney.