Michigan vs Houston 2003 Highlights (Video)

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on July 7th, 2012 at 12:18 AM

Michigan shallacked houston back in 2003, 50-3. Kevin Kolb was houston's QB. Now there are only two wins from the great 2003 season that aren't on Youtube. Those wins are against CMU and Indiana.

As usual, let me know how I did. Be sure to check out jcbakkar for full seasons of Michigan Replay also. He usually has new uploads every day.



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Thanks again for the effort - definitely getting more polished, but why waste time showing the extra points?  Of no interest unless they are missed or win the game.  Also I echo the comment below about too much emphasis on the plays leading to TDs without enough context of the whole scoring drive.   Just constructive criticism as you requested - really appreciate the work.


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Best part about playing Houston is that they scored those three points.  That allowed us to chant "Houston's better clap clap clapclapclap" the following week when we beat ND 38-0.  One of my fondest football memories from college.  I also got an MIP that night.


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I don't remember too much from that game, but I do remember a week later, as we were pummelling Notre Dame, the student section started chanting "Hou-ston's Bet-ter!"



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Michigan football. The only loss we had in the conference was to Iowa and ended up beating Sparty in EL, taking down Ohio St at home and beating Tressel (sadly for the first and last time). Ended up winning the Big Ten Championship. Overall though that Rose Bowl still haunts me. Took us until the 3rd and 4th quarter to finally get points up and by that time it was too late. I wanted that win against USC so freaking bad. I gave my OSU buddies shit for that loss against us and was convinced we had what it took to upset USC. Sadly I was off by a long shot :/


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The also shitty thing about that year was that OSU played Kansas State in the Fiesta Bowl, who was only there because they somehow beat Oklahoma in the Big 12 champ game, and before the game KSU's QB got suspended, so they started their back-up.  OSU still almost lost, but came out on top, and because we lost to USC, OSU finished the season ranked ahead of us. 

It's stuff like that that make human polls so stupid. 

Bando Calrissian

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Aside from the three points they dropped on us, the one thing that sticks out to me from this one was how godawful hot it was.  My mom spent that night in the hospital after dropping from heatstroke during our postgame dinner in Kerrytown.


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UM is kicking a FG, and rather than showing how they got to that point, you show an almost sack by Houston...

you ask for feedback, and my feedback is: "Like, why, man?"

South Bend Wolverine

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In re: feedback, steviebrownforheisman makes a good point, and it can be expanded on a bit.  There is a bit of a tendency in this video to show the last two or three plays before a scoring play, regardless of what they were, as opposed to giving a sense of the overall plot of a drive.  We often skip straight to Michigan having the ball around the 20 yard line, doubtless leaving behind some cool first downs, big gains, etc.  On one occasion, we even watch a false start, which should pretty much never happen in a highlight video.

Overall, this is a pretty good effort, and it's great re-living this game.  I was a senior in HS at the time (Saline Hornets!) and went with a good friend who had never been in the Big House before, so a lot of cool memories.  Thanks for putting this together - I think you're well on your way, but could use a little polish.


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I liked Rembert, too. With Jackson, I think it was a simple matter of being behind Mike Hart. In the case of Underwood, I think it was a lack of "suddenness" or "quicktwitchedness." He had his shot in '04 but (IIRC) didn't do much with it. Always seemed just a touch too slow off the snap to me ...


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Anyone have footage of the michigan utah game from 2002???? t was my first game at michigan stadium n ive been dying to watch it again!


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This was actually the first game to which I took my then-fiancee, and as others have mentioned, what really made this memorable was that Houston's lone FG inspired the "Houston's Better" chant at the ND shutout the next week.

It has been a while since I had even really thought about how much promise Pierre Rembert and David Underwood showed at running back. Rembert transferred to Illinois State, I think, and even tried out for the Jets at one point, but I don't remember hearing much after that. 

If I remember correctly, we rushed for almost 400 yards in that game too.