Michigan vs Ferris State: Senior Night Thread

Submitted by Sac Fly on March 2nd, 2013 at 7:21 PM

Michigan takes on Ferris State on senior night in Ann Arbor, as we say goodbye to the CCHA in our last regular season game.

Around the CCHA the Irish lead BG 1-0, A Michigan win and a Bowling Green loss will move the Wolverines to 7th in conference.

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Michigan is playing some good hockey and lets get a win tonight on Senior night.   I wish I had access to Fox Detroit freaking ohio lol.   Win and home ice. 


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for a few reasons. First, supply is short, very short. As much crap as these guys take, they're all very good at what they're being evaluated on. Second, anecdotally, most of the absolutely elite officials bypass the NCAA on their way up. The most common path for future NHL officials seems to be USHL -> ECHL -> AHL/NHL (they both scout out of the ECHL).

I don't have all of the major conferences officials rosters sitting in front of me, but I'd bet big that most D1 referees either never made it into that pipeline or got left behind at some level (I'd bet USHL in a lot of cases). I'd also note that money won't help nearly as much as increased scouting from the two biggest leagues. If I were able to do the Junior A circuit or go full time with the B1G I would almost definitely take the former.

Doc Brown

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I agree, however, there are different levels of shittyness in the officiating in the CCHA. You have bums like McInchek who shouldn't have gone above MHSAA. Then you have guys like Likens who actually has control of the game. The officials are also regional. There is a reason we see the same three crews nine out of ten times in Yost. My hope like I said above Piotroski hires the guys he is used to working with and has a good relationship in the CCHA and not those who he has to reem everyother night. 

One of my friends knows Pi and he was at the game last night. He reemed the officials after that sad display, especially for the misconduct on Jacob.

Troube getting mugged happened right in front me at the south endzone. After Jacob gotted mugged. All he did was go to the officials and complain. He was not out of control. A unsportsmanship call is commonly reserved for players who constantly badger the refs. The best no call was Ferris playing with 7 for the last 30 seconds of overtime after they pulled their goalie. 


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just the CCHA roster, and I do still put stock in what I said above. I'm acquainted with (and have done some off-ice work with) both of the Illinois officials in the CCHA, and hope Kronforst can find a spot in the new B1G conference, but it's still the same career pattern I noted above. People expecting NHL level officiating are just as delusional as those expecting NHL level play out of Michigan or Minnesota or whatever. Instead of the top .01% of officials, the NCAA has to make due with the top .05%-.04% of officials and that's a dropoff that knowledgeable fans will notice.

As far as referees not having control of games, if they're evaluated at a low level consistently, they'll be replaced if there's someone with a chance at better evaluations. People for the most part don't know what to look for with officials and usually seem to come away on a witch hunt for things that matter much more to fans and coaches than they do to the guys making the assignments.

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Son of a bitch......the ferris athletic director just said they've received commitment from Dave Brandon to continue playing the series. And here I thought we'd be riding off into the sunset with our middle finger extending toward the misfit toys (aka, those going to the new WCHA).

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Sucks. Michigan is already confirmed to play a road series at tech next year per a mod on USCHO. That is cool because there is a long, illustrious history between the two teams and a coaching storyline like no other in the sport. But everyone else can take a hike and enjoy their two trips to alaska in their new league.