Michigan vs. Ferris State bball open thread

Submitted by ThadMattasagoblin on November 11th, 2011 at 6:56 PM

We need a strong display tonight. link below!


His Dudeness

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Burke isn't a better player than Stu right now, but he is better PG. Stu had a great game (scored in double digits). I was praising Burke for his poise and calm more than anything. He didn't have a great game by any means, but he looks like a veteran player which is a nice surprise. Stu can still fill it up though without question.


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apparently they produce and shoot the entire broadcast themselves, not bad for students.

The sideline reporter could work on it a bit but let's be honest even the "pros" like Erin Andrews and Bonnie Bernstein don't really contribute much besides T & A.


November 12th, 2011 at 1:08 AM ^

     He hit a couple of nice runners, but he couldn't find the range from 3.

     Burke can pull up and hit that little floater though.  Haven't really had that since Horton.

     Lots of penetration--Stu looked a lot quicker than the guy I remember--but most of those drives resulted in wide open 3pt attempts as opposed to lobs to the bigs.  Morgan had a nice drive from the top of the key.  Hadn't seen him do that before.

  Seemed like last week they were feeding the post a lot more, but the bigs just weren't handling the passes as well as they should.  This week seemed like they didn't bother trying much.

     I was wrong about the new tunnel in the corner--it leads right outside to the side of Crisler opposite Stadium Blvd.  I think that door might have been propped open towards the end, it got downright chilly in Crisler.  Sound seems to be mostly fixed, just cut off small portions of the announcer's communication sporadically.  No complaints here.

     Still no frisbee dogs *shakes fist at sky*.

     Smotrycz had himself a game.  Eso Akunne sighting(sorry Eso, I probably butchered that).  Not really sure why he played so much of the first half, but he didn't hurt us any.  Seems like Zack sat a bunch of the second half, but when they finally put him back in, thats when Michigan put the hammer down and the lead grew to 25.  Seems like Michigan gets to work best when Zack and Morgan are in the game...which is weird, because Zack rarely is the one feeding Morgan or vice versa, but the offense just flows better with the two of them on the court.  Weird, eh?

     It seemed like there were a lot of defensive breakdowns(leading to dunks and layups), but looking at the score...maybe better than my perceptions would indicate.

     Yeah, they've got a lot to clean up before Maui.

Hard Gay

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I'm of the opinion the the Maize unis should only have black shoes/black socks. Blue shoes/white socks with the maize was an eyesore, and I hope it's not a frequent occurrence.