Michigan vs Bemidji State

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Michigan will be playing Bemidji State next Saturday at 7:30 EST in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. The other game in that bracket is Miami(OH) and Alabama-Huntsville.



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And the road trip will be a lot shorter than expected.

What's the best way to get tickets? I can't remember if Michigan will be selling any so we can all sit together or if we should just buy them through the regional itself.


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We'll see about the red. I was on the uscho.com liveblog during the selection show, and the admins were all saying that Miami does not travel well (which was borne out by the Joe this weekend). I would not be surprised at all if Bemidji St fans outnumber Miami fans at the regional.


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UofM Ticket Office will begin selling tickets Monday morning at 9a. Here is the info:

"Ticket Information
The Michigan Athletics Ticket Office will have tickets on sale for the Midwest Regional beginning at 9 a.m. on Monday (March 22). Adult all-session tickets are $87. Purchases can be made in person at the U-M ticket office or by phone by calling (734) 764-0247 or toll-free (866) 296-MTIX (6849). Additional information will be made available on www.MGoBlue.com/tickets. Tickets are also available through the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum (800-745-3000) or through TicketMaster (www.ticketmaster.com). Tickets must be picked up at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum."



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I have to say though, $80 for a student package seems pretty excessive. I was thinking about making the trip but no way I can afford that. I'm hoping the tickets through the university (I'm a student season ticket holder) are much more reasonable or else I'm going to be watching from Charlies.


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find this bracket extremely winnable? Bemidji hasn't played strongly lately and they also played a pretty much completely cupcake schedule in-conference and we're just above .500 in their non-conference schedule, if I remember correctly. But, then again, Miami lost in the CCHA pretty early last year and look where they went and Bemidji played strong in the NCAA's last year, so maybe they were just caught looking ahead and will be far better next weekend. And we just beat Miami, pretty handily, so the team has to have confidence that they can take the Redhawks down too. The biggest problems I see are that Miami is going to be furious at us because of their whole "We, the Dynastic Brotherhood, hath declared that the championships three shall be ours" thing and we already prevented them from getting one of them and if we did it again they'd probably faint in apoplectic shock, so I doubt we see the same team in Fort Wayne that we saw at the Joe. And from the Northern game, I thought it was abundantly apparent that our guys were exhausted, likely from not just skating with, but skating way past Miami the night before. Miami is going to have something of the same problem, but I don't see Alabama playing them as tough as Bemidji plays us and therein lies the two-fold problem of trying to save enough energy to beat Miami and in the process losing to Bemidji or going all out the first night to beat Bemidji but maybe lack the energy to hang with Miami. Obviously you preach the latter, but what you want isn't always what you get.

But even with those challenges, I really like our chances of getting to the Frozen Four. Not as much as I liked them last year, but, well, we all know how that turned out... :-( The good news is that Red is 15-4 in the first game at the NCAA tournament. He's reached 10 frozen fours, so he's 10-5 in the regional championships. After that I'm pretty sure the numbers get less pretty, but he's made the Frozen Four in fully HALF of the years he's made the tournament, which is incredible to me. Every time I write something like this, the thought of letting him go at some point gets harder and harder :'-(

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Some quick info I found on Bemidji State for those who are interested:
Overall Record 29-9-4 which is extremely impressive until you see that they have a conference record of 14-3-1 and this is a conference where every other team has a sub .500 non conference record. They played several CCHA teams this year, they split against UNO, had a win and a tie against WMU, lost to Ohio State, beat Miami, and had a win and a tie against NMU.

Slightly OT- can anyone explain to me why Alaska got into the tournament and Ferris didn't? Ferris had the better overall record, better conference record, and made it to the Joe yet Alaska got picked over them, was it just the power of the ninja space bears?


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Of the top 25 teams in the RPI, Alaska won 11 comparisons. Ferris State won 10. Ferris State had the tiebreaker over Vermont, so if they had won one more comparison, they would have gotten a berth. And interestingly, here's there comparison with MSU:

Ferris State RPI: .5334 (+1)
Michigan State RPI: .5254

Ferris State Record v. Other Teams Under Consideration: 5-9-3
Michigan State Record v. Other Teams Under Consideration: 7-9-2 (+1)

Ferris State Record v. Common Opponents: 14-10-6
Michigan State Record v. Common Opponents: 13-9-6 (+1)

Ferris State Head-to-Head Wins: 1 (+1)
Michigan State Head-to-Head Wins: 1 (+1)

Michigan State wins the comparison 3-2. The tiebreaker is RPI. So Ferris State lost the comparison because they played two more games than MSU...

This is one of many reasons why the Pairwise is perhaps the most asinine method of determining who makes a tournament ever devised.


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At this point, if I were Red, with my 699 wins and 26 years of experience (which I'm not, obviously) I wouldn't change a thing. At this point, I'm not sure if I put Summers in if he's recovered. And please dear deity above, let him be recovered and let him be playing and let him be winning.

EDIT: I agree Hogan has the POTENTIAL to be a better option, from a purely goalie standpoint, but we saw how that went. Look at the UNO series where Hogan played probably as well as he could and the team completely screwed him over. And starting Hogan after Hunwick has gotten them this far gives completely the wrong message to the team, Hunwick and any future walk-ons dreaming of attending Michigan, in my opinion.

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After seeing how hard the team played this weekend, especially the defense with the constant diving to stop pucks and aggressive checking, there is no way I'd put in Hogan over Hunwick. The team seems to be rallying around the lil man. Did you see how they all basically went crazy when Hunwick got his all tourney team and MVP trophies last night?


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Accomodations should be pretty easy to find in terms of proximity to the area. The area around the Coliseum has TONS of restaurants and stuff to do. Fort Wayne has very knowledgable hockey fans and I would assume the place will be rocking. I'm thinking about heading back to check out the games and I really am not a hockey guy at all.


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I find that this match will be easy for us, but we don't want to think that we can just go out there and win automatically. Especially since Miami is wanting to get back at us again since we beat them on Friday.


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My cousin and I are going to make the 8 hour trip (haven't done anything all winter) to Fort Wayne. I already have the tickets and hotel room. I've never been to a tourny game so I have to ask the most important question of my trip;

Do they sell beer at the games? Pleeeeeease say yes...