Michigan vs. Arkansas 1999 Citrus Bowl on ESPNU at 1 PM

Submitted by twotrueblue on February 1st, 2019 at 11:45 AM

Program alert for y'all. ESPN is doing a series on "Before they were Pros." Tom Brady's game will be the 1999 Citrus Bowl and will air at 1 PM on ESPNU.

Being a Gen-Z, I've only watched one other replay of Tom Brady, which was the 2000 Orange Bowl, so I am looking forward to taking a glance or two.


rob f

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+1 to you for alerting the rest of the MGoBoard community.

I saw that in my program guide and set my DVR to record it for viewing later today.  


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Actually, it does sound rather fun - it is, after all, quite alright to be nostalgic about the team for which you cheer, and in the case of the OP being Generation Z, which means they were probably potty training when this game was played, I am sure the history is fascinating. 

Given your avatar, I am afraid to ask what you might consider "fun". 


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Also, 1999 Michigan vs. Ohio State is on after that at 3 PM if mods can edit the title.


For those interested the other games in this series were:

2011 USC (Woods) vs. Minnesota

2014 Georgia (Gurley) vs. Tennessee

2015 California (Goff) vs. Air Force

2007 Arizona (Gronk) vs. UCLA

2008 Arizona (Gronk) vs. Arizona State

2018 Georgia (Michel) vs. Oklahoma


Man, Brady is old.


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I googled the 1998 season.  I had forgotten that they played that weird late night game at Hawaii after the OSU game.  I remember waking up to watch the game. 

Back then they only played 11 games, but you could play a 12th game if you agreed to schedule an out of conference game at Hawaii. 

Mark that down in the book of things that will never happen again.


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Yesterday I watched this nice retrospective on Youtube...the making of the GOAT


Basically it reminded us how badly Lloyd Carr and staff mismanaged not only Tom Brady (the GOAT), but also that entire offense which was LOADED with future NFL talent, including 2 1st round OL picks one who is a future HOF, a 2nd round OL pick, first round pick WR and 2nd round RB etc.

Carr Conservative to a fault.

Don't get me started on trying to shove young Henson in there...when he clearly was not ready to play.

Yes, I was one of those few screaming at the TV back in the day when Conservative Carr would shove Henson in there, disrupting the flow of the offense.

Once the team would get behind, they would be forced to go 4WRs and open it up and Brady would go crazy and lead the team back.

There are some parallels to Harbaugh's shitty slow offense of today......which is also loaded with talent.

but I digress...


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I recall that Michigan’s right guard was called twice for holding when he pancaked the D-lineman.  The forced punts that followed kept Arkansas in the game.  I was bitter until Michigan pulled out the win.

Apparently, I never forget a bad call.


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On a sadder note, Brandon Burlsworth's last game.  Arkansas walk-on who became an All-American offensive lineman and a 3rd round NFL draft pick.  Died 11 days later in an accident.


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Yep.  2nd down and 12, 1:40 left, UT down to 1 time-out left.  Arguably they should have just handed it off, but Stoerner was going to drop back and pass (or run it) on a QB roll-out type play.  Then the fumble happened.

Not to get too far off topic, but I was a college kid who gambled way too much at that time.  I had big bets on (1) Arkansas straight-up and (2) K-State -10.5 against Nebraska.  Both those games occurred at the same time.  Arkansas lost on that fumble, and K-State only won by 10.  If you recall that game, it's one of the all-time bad-beats ever.

So I remember that day well.  :-)