Michigan vs. Air Force - 2nd Half (open thread)

Submitted by Mr. Yost on September 16th, 2017 at 1:26 PM

I'm sorry UMProud, these have been 3 AWFUL 1st halves.

Time for the Michigan offense to step up and find a rhythm. Time for every facet to get better on offense!

2nd half thread is here.

Saturday, September 16

Air Force
LIVE BTN Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI




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Isaac has some good cuts and move occasionally but when is the dude going to realize he is 230 pounds and can run through dbs. You don't have to come to a complete stop to try and juke someone every time.


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It's not on Speight at all. We have one, maybe two guys that should be starting on a Michigan line. Mason Cole is the type of lineman we need. The rest don't impress at all. No push against smaller d-lineman is just not going to get it done. Same old same old. Crawford will eventually be removed as the young guys come along. Hopefully we recruit some Taylor Lewan's in the future because are line is softttttttttt. Don Brown in my opinion ran the wrong defense. He should have stacked the line with at least five guys and funnel everything inside. They were cracking down on almost every play. They put six guys on the line on air forces last drive and flat out stuffed them. I really don't know what he was trying to do, but we don't play that bullshit anymore so it really doesn't matter. Three men on the line was just plain fuckin stupid. Do not have nearly the faith I once had in Don Brown. Every time we stacked the line we stuffed them. I guess he expected three guys to penetrate six to seven lineman. There should have been six guys on the line of srimmage every play except twhen thet went pro. Really stupid in my opinion.

Our offensive coaching staff is flat out not getting it done and boy does it show. Harbaugh needs to forget about anything with the defense and start coaching the offense. He needs to remove Drevno and start calling the plays or at least find out why our o-lineman are so weak. I think a lot of us will not be around when this team produces an all-american lineman or at least a line that is tops in the big ten. I can't even remember a nasty block from anyone other than a fullback. Harbaugh needs to be called out by reporters. It may be simplistic, but I would just ask him why after three game in your offense sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.  The play calling is a fuckin joke and they are doing Speight no favors. Misdirection and crossing routes to get your faster guys in space. Shit Air force was blitzing both corners at the same time. Michigan is to predictable and way to vanilla. When is the last time we ran the staple of reversing the Qb and hitting the TE. Tuman and Butt killed teams with that.

I like a team with a dominant defense. Check. A dominating O-line and running game. Not even close. FIELD GOAL HARBAUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


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Speight is the worst QB we've had since Sheridan and the run game is still non existant. Should be crushing AF at the point of attack. Also, no idea what has happened to Chris Evans this year.


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You're wrong and you're right. No push from the o-line once again and Wr need to gain seperation and make a play. Crawford is just plain dumb and not good. Can't catch anything contested and allready costs us. Better receivers would make Speight look way better, much like psu qb 50/50 guy. Speight is getting way to much blame as he can't throw it and catch it and he is not involved with blocking. We have really soft o-lineman. No nasty at all. Give me five Taylor Lewans all day. No push against a service academy means are o-line is weak. We should have been driving them down the field. Our backs are good but find there own holes and get hit tin the backfield a lot because our o-line is not good. SOFT SOFT SOFT. I can't even remember a d-lineman ever getting hurt against last years d-line or this one. Tha'ts because we are not violent and nasty like the John Elliots or Longs or Lewans. Our defense is good because it's nasty. I will take eleven D. Bush's earholeing mfer's. At least no-one got called for that gay ass targeting shit. Want to make it to the NFL you better be one violent mfer unless you play a skill position. We coach are o-lineman to soft and it shows.


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This is their game. Shorten the game, hope the opposition makes mistakes. So far Michigan has. I saw nothing in the first half that made me think Air Force had a legitimate chance to win. But I'm an Academy grad, so I'm used to seeing the Falcons get worn down by better teams as the game goes on.


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What I don't understand is AF is giving huge cushion to slot receivers and we are not calling plays to take those free yards. WR screens have been pretty successful, we should be doing more on the edges.


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does harbuagh accept this season isn't our year and we need to plan for the future, and see what peters can do?

doesn't matter that he is worse right now, his ceiling should be higher and speight will not bring this team a big ten title.

Ghost of Fritz…

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is mostly the fault of terrible offensive play calling.

Should be throwing intermediate pass routes and various screens all day long.  Instead, Drevno wants to run into 9 and 10 man boxes selling out to stop the run. 


The Fan in Fargo

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I don't know what to think here boys. I don't like the looks of this one. Not to be a Debbie downer but this offense needs a leader and Soeight will not ever be that guy. The dude is a redshirt junior. He's lucky that shitty little toss at the goaline wasn't picked off to Crawford.