Michigan - UMass game live stream

Submitted by WindyCityBlue on September 14th, 2012 at 11:36 PM
Help a Wolverine in a foreign land. I'm in Argentina and in desparate need to watch the game tomorrow. I'm trying to log-in to a VPN so I can watch the game from any feed in the United States (but haven't successfully completed it). With that. What are the best sites to watch the game either domestically or internationally?



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I highly recommend using Chrome and installing ad-block. It takes care of every ad on the site, including the ones that pop up over the stream itself.

I couldn't imagine that site without it.


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Bingo!  I was struggling with Firefox and Frontrow ... all sorts of pop-ups, overlays and demands I install various plugins.  Maddening.  Unusable.  When I did finally get a sports feed it was choppy and unwatchable.

Chrome+Adblock = works.

BTN is foolish not selling pay-per-view games.  There's marginal revenue to be had out there.  No way I'm going to pay the monthly contract fee to get a small handful of football games per year, which is all I care about.

My backup plan is Sirius channel 117 and listen to the game broadcast on "radio." 


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Let us know, I am genuinely curious. It would depend on the local internet connection and whether there are country blocks on specific websites. In general streaming sites host in countries that allow them to operate legally and the content can only be blocked by client countries.


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I can't figure BTN2GO out. I don't mind paying for the stream myself but its not very user friendly.

edit: I should add that I don't have BTN, but that shouldnt make a difference. If someone is willing to pay a few bucks for a live stream they should be able to on BTN, no? 


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I should add that I don't have BTN, but that shouldnt make a difference.

Unfortunately, it makes all the difference. You can't watch BTN2Go unless you have BTN. You also can't watch the game or any game footage (highlights, every snap etc.) on YouTube this week because, though they don't provide a competing service for non-subscribers, they delete all BTN footage on YouTube.


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Anyone know of a good car pool area that is somewhat close to the big house but far enough away to where it's free to park and not gonna be packed? Me and my friend who is coming from school are driving separately there but want us and our friends to meet up at a carpool area then all pack in his suv so we can tailgate at the golf course for cheaper. Appreciate any help!


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If your overseas and want the best feed possible, then BTN2GO International is your best bet, 14.95 agame, 19.95 a month or 119.95 a year. Its worth the year package if you live outside of the country and watch both football and basketball, plus you can now stream ESPN games a week after they've aired. 

I haven't used it this year but the feed last year was better than ESPN Player. 

For other games ESPN Player will be your only official option. Biggest problem with the services (other than the cost) is the lack of commercial/half time. Would much rather have commercials than have the screen go to the espn logo for a few minutes. 




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BTN is the only problem I have.  I cut cable tv off from Charter which now blocks my access to live  football on BTN.  That includes my subscriber streams from CBSSports (BTN digital network).  Long term this may be a solution for those who are on DISH and don't want to spend a ton of money to get BTN sans live football games.

There is a ton of other sports providers on my ROKU/Playon/Superusvoxtv channel that includes BTN, all the ESPN's and the networks AND all the UK international SkySports channels (1,2,3).  (3 seems like the only other option I have for this game.)  However rather than wait to see if its on, I will probably head for my local bar.  The tv quality is good on Sky. (ESPN can be flakey and poor or unreliable sometimes.)  BTN under the subscription is available internationally.

As far as streaming to the computer VIPBox has the game on their playlist.

I had problems getting the stream for the Air Force game last week because it was showing the opposite regional game.  So I opted for a local ABC that I get on my Mohu Leaf Plus HD antenna that is cheap and incredible up to about 60+ miles out here in the flatlands.

Sorry if it sounds like a commercial, but that's my alternative configuration.  After months of research and tinkering, it's as good as it gets and saves me a ton for a one-time investment of under $200.


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I'm trying to get the UMich VP to work for the live stream. Last week User 'dozzy' posted these instructions:



If you have a unique name, you can access the big ten network through the university. Follow the instructions bellow:

1) Download the UMich VPN client:  http://www.itcom.itd.umich.edu/vpn/

2) Connect using the "All Traffic" profile


I hope that helps someone. I'm connected to the Alumni-Retireee VPN and trying to load the website but it isn't finding the server. I would love help if anyone has expereience with this. 





Glen Masons Hot Wife

September 15th, 2012 at 1:11 PM ^

any sites have the game available for repeat after it takes place?  (ie firstrow)

Want to see it without knowing the outcome.

Its been such a pain in the ass to do that in the past.  People that would post a link to the game (via google search) would comment on the outcome, thus ruining the surprise!

Any help much appreciated.


September 15th, 2012 at 4:39 PM ^

Be sure to connect to the All Traffic profile NOT the Alumni/Retiree profile. You can download that one and install - It'll just create a new profile for the All Traffic.


September 15th, 2012 at 5:31 PM ^

The normal profiles will likely only work for recent grads.  There is a delay between leaving/graduating and them updating the VPN permissions but eventually alumni without an ongoing attachment to the university will get moved to only being able to use the alumni profiles.  The alumni profile doesn't present itself as a local UM network and therefore won't work for IPTV.