Michigan in touch with Clemson Grad Transfer (DB) Korrin Wiggins

Submitted by Ricky Spanish on May 9th, 2017 at 10:23 AM

According to Ryan Bartow. Michigan is in contact with Clemson DB Korrin Wiggins who is seeking to graduate transfer. Wayne Lyons, Michigan's previous graduate transfer didn't pan out the way we had hoped, but Wiggins is worth the shot. 

TWEET: https://twitter.com/RyanBartow/status/861635423562592263

Here is his athlete profile from Clemson: http://www.clemsontigers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?ATCLID=206289261

Here is his recruiting profile: http://247sports.com/Player/Korrin-Wiggins-12974?Institution=17066

Does this say anything about how our staff feels about our current situation? Maybe not. It is always nice to add extra depth, especially if we have the scholarship room. 



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I have to think that getting more players at a position with a thin/not established depth chart is a good thing regardless.  I don't think it reflects anything we don't already know.  


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I think it's more they have the space and he's good for depth. I doubt the staff expects him to be a starter, but might as well kick the tires.


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Is that ohio state offered a TE today for 2018. I don't think it's thread worthy but it might speak to where they stand, and where we stand, with Ruckert.


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We could use the depth/competition. Makes sense considering Long and Hill have been beat up as well. Washington could start in that scenario and this kid could play nickle.

what would Bo do

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He's used to playing in Brent Venables' defense which blitzes quite a bit and asks DBs to play a bunch of man coverage.  If nothing else, he provides a veteran presence and another body to compete for a spot.


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If you've ever been on Clemson's campus I think you'd agree that it's one of THE most beautiful campii in the country.  I completely understand why Venables would want to stay with a powerhouse football program and keep his family in that area.   I took an extra year to get my BS there. My parents felt sorry for me having to take summer classes, but I had a great time sailing, water skiing, and golfing (I studied some, too)... ;)


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Guy can push for starting role at safety and play special teams. He has been on the biggest stage and can add an experienced presence for the underclassmen.

On his side, he can get a grad degree from a great school and experience AA.


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Not saying he is a Blake Countess as he is not, but damn we could use a Blake Countess sure thing back there this year.  He transferred the other way - north to south, so hopefully this works out better than Lyons if he comes.  That said per the stories of his transfer he wants to play closer to home (NC) which is difficult to do if you are not playing at NC or Duke, considering he was just in SC.  Sounds like Clemson banned him from playing where he wants to go since they are on the schedule.

According to TigerNet, Wiggins is allowed to transfer anywhere so long as the team is not South Carolina or any other team on Clemson's schedule in 2017. 

Wiggins tallied 13 tackles in 194 snaps in 2016, during which he played in seven games but only started one. He leaves Clemson with 67 career tackles, four tackles for loss and four interceptions.




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The NCAA just lifts the waiver on having to sit out a year, but Clemson still has to grant release. If you remember last year Michigan basketball got some flack because Michigan originally told Spike that they would block him from transfering to a Big Ten School or any school on their scedule. They ended up waiving that and Spike transfered to Purdue. From what I understand it is pretty common to not allow a player to transfer to a school on their schedule next year.


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According to TigerNet, Wiggins is allowed to transfer anywhere so long as the team is not South Carolina or any other team on Clemson's schedule in 2017.


I would get the coach and AD to sign my unconditional release papers, just waiting for me to sign, before I officially committed to any school.


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But I think only Top 100 or so recruits would be able to negotiate that deal from a top program. 

Also, as much as I am for students being able to transfer unconditionally, I think that would create a massive issue for schools poaching opposing team's players each year. While the NFL has free agency, the NFL teams have a lot more hours to practice and change their style/plays. NCAA much less so.

I think the pick any team not on our schedule is a pretty fair deal. I don't get the no other school in SC, though.

Mr. Yost

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Wayne Lyons worked out. No question about it.
Ask the moms of Croots. If this kid and bring to Michigan what Lyons did...sign him up.