Michigan tops mostly useless "most engaged" football fans list

Submitted by UMgradMSUdad on July 23rd, 2013 at 2:03 PM

In another offseason, mostly meaningless ranking, Michigan came out on top of TicketCity's list of "college football's most engaged fans." At least this ranking wasn't just pulled out of thin air: there were criteria and measurable data.  So, even if the methodology is questionable, at least there is a methodology.


TicketCity based the rankings on such criteria as attendance, ticket prices, face book likes, ticket prices, and twitter followers (evil genious Dave Brandon strikes again!) Here are the top ten schools:

Overall Rank
Overall Score
1 Big 10 University of Michigan 100.00
2 SEC Louisiana State University 95.43
3 SEC University of Alabama 95.18
4 Big 10 Ohio State University 92.94
5 SEC Texas A&M University 88.91
6 Big 10 University of Nebraska - Lincoln 87.88
7 Big 12 University of Oklahoma 82.77
8 Big 12 University of Texas - Austin 82.11
9 SEC University of Georgia 81.83
10 SEC University of Florida 79.86




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teams in top 10 from SEC.  Dangit B1G!  Get out there and start crootin' like you mean it and do better on them polls! (not them POLES, Ohio!).



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Wow - this is one of the few cases I'm cool with a double post, simply because the first post had such a terrible title. This is why good thread titles are important. I thought the post titled "Michigan has best fans anywhere" was just going to be some guy's opinion so I didn't click it. This title implies an actual list exists, so I did.

Also, if the first poster had a title that was at all informational, this OP may have known about it. Can't fault OP for not searching as his search probably wouldn't have brought up that thread title anyway.


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That would be fine, but this isn't Bleacher Report material. I posted the link to TicketCity who actually created the content. Yes, BR took it from TicketCity and reposted it, mostly verbatim.  That is one of the reasons there is a ban on BR links here.  The other reason is that when BR does actually create its own content, it's so bad, baseless, useless that it's a waste of everyone's time.

While this list may be mostly fluff, it's 100 times better than anything BR creates on its own.


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I mean, I get it is a pretty stupid ranking, but I don't get why everyone is on the OP for posting it. It's something where Michigan is #1, it's the off season, and it is on topic. It was posted yesterday from Bleacher Report, so I get why that was deleted. The official UM Facebook and Twitter thought it was worthwhile to put out, so I don't get why it isn't board material. That being said, we can certainly question the suspect methodology.

Wolverine Devotee

July 23rd, 2013 at 2:58 PM ^

I'm somewhat engaged with my team.

I guess making my own 1K-plus page Michigan Football book of historical information counts.

Or having a room with a few Michigan things here and there.



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Color me unimpressed.*

Our ticket partners at SeatCrunch (the guys behind this button 16478122820130311412

were looking to do some sort of editorial thing like this too. We tried and tried to cull their ticket data for something useful and ultimately we got the same kind of stuff Ticketcity got and deemed it not worthy of an article.

I appreciate the fact that our guys gave up when there wasn't enough to say rather than try to invent some half-assed "you're the bestest fans!" article. I already know we have the best fans. Every concert musician has said so.


*teal is the color of indifference.

Ron Utah

July 23rd, 2013 at 6:23 PM ^

While the metric is horribly flawed, it's still nice to see us on top.

What I found more interesting was that only three conferences are represented AT ALL.

The Pac-whatever, ACC, and Big East (hehe) all have NO teams up there at all.