Michigan In Top 3 for Leon McQuay III

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Per 247 Sports, Michigan is in Leon McQuay's Top 3 along with USC and...Vanderbilt??

A very interesting list to say the least and there is a long way to go before his stated decision date of Nov. 21, but hopefully Michigan continues to make a strong push. It's also worth mentioning that many believed he was going to stay in Florida for a long time, but it seems the longer it goes, the more the out of state schools are getting looks.

Jack Kennedy drop the beat.

Link: http://vanderbilt.247sports.com/Board/59433/Vandy-making-a-big-time-cut-9954316/1



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Was literally about to make a thread on the same thing.

Hope we can get him, but he needs to come up for another visit. Most likely will at least once more on an official.

If not us, hopefully Vandy. Don't want to lose another to USC.


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It would definitely be huge to land him and that's what I'm hoping for as well obviously, but I agree that if he is going to go anywhere else, let it be Vanderbilt. How often do they get a big recruiting win like that?

Let's just hope that Leon McQuay has an attractive enough Mom for Franklin to let him sign that letter of intent though (For those of you who don't understand, click here: http://jezebel.com/5914716/vanderbilt-football-coach-brags-about-only-hiring-assistants-who-have-super-hot-wives)


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That's the type of guy who is rated decently but busts out in college and people wonder why he wasn't recruited more (Mathieu type guys).  His elusiveness is just ridiculous and he'd be worth the scholarship just for his potential as a returner.  Hopefully we still have a scholarship for him though by the time he's ready to make a decision.  Four receivers is kinda overkill...


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TomVH posted some music Leon put together. Doesn't seem like country is really his scene so Vandy is an interesting choice. I suddenly feel very good about him given his comments after his visit.


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I assumed as much but I've been down there and also it's just common knowledge that they're all about country music down there. The eminem thing I guess changes that somewhat but the school has a lot more to do with Nashville than with eminem. The whole point of the post was about the style of music. I thought that was clear. Don't get so defensive. The kid can obviously make music anywhere but it about who's helping him. If it was only about that he'd commit to USC right now. I was merely making an isolated observation.


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But she owns a recording studio there as a business. You can record anything from acapella to reggae in ANY recording studio. If the professionals there know what they're doing, the experience and recording will be top notch. A solid studio might record the latest from Prokhorov's impovershied friend Jay-Zed, a new Bieber single and the next great grunge rock right in a row.


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I think he would want to go to the best possible place for a music degree so that he will get access to these studios after college. That being said it looks like Michigan trumps both contenders in music degree fields



He can always move to LA or Nashville after college so getting the best possible degree seems like the smartest option to me.


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...just to be in on all of these guys.  You're never going to get everyone you want, but it's great to have top players from all over the country seriously considering Michigan. 


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This is completely OT, but not thread worthy at all, and it has to do with recruiting so I figured I'd stick it here.

The top OT target left on OSU's board, Dorian Johnson, has said that Pitt and Penn State are neck and neck for his lead, followed by OSU and WVU. It'd be nice to see them miss out on him as well.

turd ferguson

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At some point, the USC scholarship reductions will actually work in our favor.  For example, I'd imagine that they don't have many spaces for "best available player regardless of position."  Does anyone know how many DBs they want?


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A little insight from my SC friends (of which I have many, most of whom are cool about it):

They are really emphasizing balance with these restrictions, because if they don't they might be royally fucked.  So - they have 7 commits right now, and can take 18.  Assuming Cravens picks USC on Wednesday, they have 10 open spots.

They have 0 OL in this class, and only took 3 last year (albeit 3 awesome ones, but they still need numbers).  They'll look to take 4 in this class.  Now we're down to 6.

They only took 2 WRs last year, and only have one committed so far.  They'll likely take one more.  5 left.

They only took one TE last year, and have none in this class.  USC likes the TE, so they won't take a year off after taking only one the year before.  4 left. 

They've taken 2 SDEs (who could maybe play DT), and nobody else from the defensive front 7 in this class.  They took no true DTs last year either, so expect them to pick up 2 DL (either 2 DTs or a DT and a WDE, since all of the DEs they've taken over 2012 and 2013 are big).  Probably 2 LBs even though they took 3 last year.  That's all of the spots.

Now, they might take a third DB instead of a TE or a LB, but only one more.  They won't take 2 more DBs, because then you're really thin elsewhere. 


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Yeah - that's not to say that it's a done deal or anything, but USC is in on 3 of the top 6-ish safeties, including Cravens but in addition to McQuay, all of whom are from SoCal.  It might be in their best interest to lock up the local kids, since they're not going to turn McQuay's school into a USC feeder, and they'd like to keep the other big dogs out of their feeders. 

Steve Lorenz

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This is somewhat out of left field, but is great news for Michigan. It wouldn't be a stretch to say they lead over those two schools right now. 

EDIT: Worth noting that he does have a good friend who plays for Vandy, which might be a reason why they are such a big player in his recruitment. 


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Would be a huge commit for us. Could be a huge Defensive playmaker for Michigan. edited double post fail. Broken mouse clicker.


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would make for a star-studded defensive backfield and I think USC is still in the race for Priest Willis. Hopefully, McQuay will steer clear of that logjam and go blue.