Michigan is a "Top 10 Dream School"

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The Princeton Review recently conducted their annual "Hopes and Worries Survey" (both prospective students and parents), which apparently includes the following question:

What "dream" college do you wish you (your child) could attend if acceptance and/or cost were not issues?

According the the survey, Michigan placed 9th among students and 10th among parents. Very elite company. Link and other survey responses here.

Among publics, only UCLA and Cal were also mentioned.

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I think the more interesting thing from that survey is that students are more likely to consider the economy when deciding about applying/attending college than their parents are (81% to 74%).

That's really surprising to me, though I totally understand it.  I initially didn't apply to UM for financial reasons. Later I said screw it and transfered in to Ann Arbor, but I always wished that I didn't worry about the finances of it at first.

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I am from Indiana and applied to 3 schools.  I chose GMI (which is now Kettering) over UM and Harvard.  Just couldn't swallow the cost.  It helped that I knew I had a paid internship lined up for GMI.  Of course, in the end I left when the name changed and I realized I couldn't spend another 4.5 years in Flint.

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In hindsight, I would have gone to Harvard.  It wasn't going to be much more than out of state tuition at Michigan, at least not when dealing with those sums of money.  I'd like to think that if I had been there instead of GMI I would have taken it more seriously.  GMI had turned into a 3 month party followed by 3 months of interning at that point.  The actual education wasn't what it was cracked up to be.  I also wouldn't have had to transfer when I realized that a business degree was the wrong thing for me.  That might have saved some years wandering the wilds of West Lafayette and Bloomington. 

Strangely enough, I'm back in school at an IU regional campus getting a BS in Education.  Maybe this time around I'll do a Masters at Michigan.


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I am from out of state, but when I was graduating in 1994, my rankings were something like:

1.  Harvard

2.  Michigan

3-10:  Assortment of Ivy Schools and other top contenders, none of whom h


Now, as a parent of two, my rankings are:

1.  Michigan

2-20.  Bunch of good schools

20-100.  Bunch of OK schools

100-345:  bunch of crappy schools

346.  East directional institute of drama for the blind

346-749 - bunch of unlicensed schools, including many in other countries that may or may not exist

750.  Prison

751.  Ohio

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I applied to 3 of those schools, was accepted to 2 of them. 

To be honest, growing up in Atlanta, Michigan was my original 4th choice out of 5 schools to which I applied.  Somehow, though, I ended up at the right place.

I would love it if my daughters could attend Michigan when they're college age, but the tuition will probably by $100k/year by then...  =P


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that we truly have an unmatched combo of academics / academic prestige and the major sports (Stanford wins directors cups because of sports no one really watches. I'll take great successes in football, basketball, and hockey). Plus, Ann Arbor is the greatest college town on earth. We are a fortunate fanbase


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Although I applied to and was accepted at several other schools, Michigan really was always the #1 for me as well. It is interesting in the sense that sometimes people asked me why I wouldn't want to go elsewhere, having grown up around Ann Arbor anyway, just for a change of scenery. I always enjoyed the scenery in Ann Arbor myself and have never regretted the choice either. One of my biggest hopes is that the Michigan tradition continues for a third generation in my family actually. 

Great read though. Nice to see us on such a list. 


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Michigan is the only place I wanted to go, I got denied to UW Madison's school of kines, but got into Oregon, Kansas, UMASS, as well as Pacific and Redlands to play football,

But in the end, Fieldinf H Yost shined down from football's Valhalla and I was accepted to Michigans school of kinesiology.

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I find it amusing that Notre Dame is fourth among parents but not in the top 10 according to students. Many people want they’re kids to go to go to Notre Dame but students do not want to go there. Seriously, who wants to live in South Bend for four year?


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U of M alum. Daughter consider direct admit to IU Kelley. Wisconsin res but that will cost 25k a year. Also direct admit to Ross at cost of 50k. Will do grad or law school. I'd appreciate suggestions. Thanks a lot. Go blue


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The few IU business grads I know ended up in Chicago and are doing well(~$150k salaries), and most Ross undergrads I know ended up in NYC(making anywhere from $100k-300k a few years out of college). Both are good options, and Ross seems to offer more flexibility after college.

I would say don't let her go to law school, though. Nobody seems willing to admit it publicly, but only a few people I know who went seem to be happy with their decision.