Michigan Team 134: Awaken The Wolverines!!!!

Submitted by Mello219 on May 8th, 2013 at 6:51 PM

I had been getting a lot of messages to make another TEAM134 video so I made a trailer to get you pumped up for the season.. I cant embedd tried the old embedd and switched to plain text and did not work.. Here is the link





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FYI, "old embed code" should work for the OP, but sometimes it takes a couple refreshes of the page (after you've posted it) for it to "work".


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But I do wonder, considering how awesome of a floating ninja Gallon is now with Borges, if he wouldn't have been a totally diabolical floating ninja in a Richrod system. Seems like a senior Denard and Jeremy together would've been Richrod's dream


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I am glad you all enjoyed the video feel free to share it.. Just please mention my name Luke D'mello and feel free to follow on twitter.. @LukeD'Mello2189 #GOBLUE


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Luke, this is your calling in life. Quit whatever else you are doing and focus only on this. Also, this is a much better post than asking for a background haha


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Thanks I am glad you enjoy the videos and appreciate the support. Well I am a Pharmacy major right now thats what I want to do as a career. I am actually almost done with school in August I would love to do video editing but if I did it I would want to WORK for Michigan and do only MICHIGAN stuff. LOL and the whole backround post I was just trying to hide the fact that I was uploading this video but I was looking for a backround but found one like 2 mins later.


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Some free advice, take it for what its worth. The vid is great, but stick to pharmacy. And I don't know if it's just a/v that's your thing or IT in genreral; sitting with a pharmD and IT skills is going to be a pretty kickass way to be for the next couple decades.   


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It seems way too distant after seeing this video. Excellent work. I really liked the inclusion of the audio from the Michigan-MSU episode of "The Journey" (if I am not mistaken). That really set the tone for it well, and the music was very fitting. 


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Thanks I appreciate it.. Yes thats where the first speech was from than the second was from NW Journey video as well. I had a different song in place to use but I herd that one yesterday saw it uploaded gave it a listen and KNEW that I had to use it.


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There is a tab at the top you can click to see the voting. I'm sure he/she just thinks it is a crime that we have so long to wait and took it out on the OP.

Since there is a positive comment by Crime Reporter farther down, I'm also willing to bet it was just a mis-click due to the sheer excitement of seeing the video.


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I love hearing coach talk in there and some of those sound bites are ones I haven't heard.  It's great to hear coach Hoke talking so passionately because I feel like he doens't typically show us that side of him.  Thank you!

Ball Hawk

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My 7yr old showed me this video earlier today and he saved it to his kindle fire. Watching it gave me goose bumps. Please keep making these videos. There're fucking BADASS!


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have watched that video right before heading to bed.  No way can I fall asleep now... way too fired up!