Michigan Talking with Armani Reeves again

Submitted by Dreisbach1817 on August 2nd, 2011 at 5:13 PM

He's a very good player, but this is puzzling.  Could it be T-Rich is wavering more than we thought?  Any other explanations?  Given our tight numbers, I don't see us wanting to add a 5th DB.


Steve Wiltfong -Michigan is back after Top247 ATH Armani Reeves. #Wolverines 247sports.com/Article/Michig… via @247Sports

"The Wolverines had three coaches including Brady Hoke talk with Top247 prospect Armani Reeves on Tuesday."



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When I first read your title, only the name "Armani" stood out and the name Armanti Edwards involuntarily popped into my head.  I think I just threw up in my mouth.



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My first thought was that T-Rich was wavering more than we thought as well but maybe the coaching staff is making sure they have a back up plan in case something does happen. 

Michael Scarn

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Penn State was recruiting him for both sides of the ball, IIRC.  While we hadn't recruited him to play O, I guess there's a small chance that's where some of the renewed interest is.  I'd prefer to have a WR over 5'11 though.  


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This has nothing to do with T-rich, and they are interested in him as a WR?  Some say he may be better on that side of the ball.  It seems like our race for 2 wideouts is still wide open.



Mr Mackey

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Definitely interesting. TomVH signal to tell us if we're switching him to O or if the coaches know something about T-Rich? If the latter is the case, it'd be nice to also keep in contact with Wright too


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When the " Great Richardson Visit Crisis of 2011" began, Wayne Morgan said in interviews that he would be willing to give it another shot with Michigan. I don't think the issue here is finding someone who will leap into Richardson's shot...I believe it just opens the door, and it's back to first come, first served, as always. I would think that would apply to Morgan, and quite possibly to Richardson too, if he comes back before anyone else takes the jump (unless there's bad blood, which may or may not be the case).


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I would assume that T-Rich was told he loses his place at the table if he goes a-wanderin', and this opens the door for other prospects like Reeves who wanted to wait until latter in the process. I wouldn't be surprised, if that assumption is correct, to hear Morgan's name resurface at some point. Not that I claim any of this is cold hard fact, for the modertor-istas out there.


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I'll assume this is a quote he had about Michigan. And if he's talking about the corners we currently have on our roster, no duh, our corners our pretty bad save maybe Blake Countess and one or two others. But if he's talking about the corners we're recruiting, I'd be very surprised.


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I'll assume this is a quote he had about Michigan. And if he's talking about the corners we currently have on our roster, no duh, our corners our pretty bad save maybe Blake Countess and one or two others. But if he's talking about the corners we're recruiting, I'd be very surprised.


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The way I see it, LB and S are the only positions that the coaches really won't take another commitment at.

After taking a DT and a WR (to get to 23), I believe they'll be flexible with the remaining spots, as long as it's an elite talent.  Could be QB, RB, WR, OL, DL, or CB.  

Given that Standifer may be a S in the long run, a CB might be more attractive than initially thought.  If Reeves wants to commit maybe they let Richardson take his visits (and his chances) to decide later, if there's still room.


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Hoke did make a comment at the presser that they have more bodies at saftey than corner, and Standiffer has been mentioned recently as a better saftey than a corner, so you may be on the mark. If you think about Richardson as the only real corner in this class, then the picture at that position does change in rather dramatic fashion.


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Another issue, which has been often discussed behind certain pay walls (and which doesn't involve T-Rich waivering, for those who need hope) is that Standiffer's performance at The Opening revealed certain flaws in his ability to play corner at that level of competition- not to say that he could not play, but that he looked far more like a saftey than a corner. I haven't heard that discussed here, and I have no idea what weight to attach to that, but people on Scout were discussing it pretty vigorously at the time.


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Good lord this is a painful thread.  Waggles, again - you take away everything and add nothing.  I think I just read the same goddamn post 5 times - "what if it's not for corner, blah blah blah".

Guess what - it is for corner and it's totally because of T-Rich.  If he's going to flirt around, why don't we?  Reeves is in the discussion and I don't think the coaches ever totally lost contact with Yuri Wright, either.


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While I agree with you - my theories were not baseless.  See my other post below.  The issue is with TRich - not with wanting Reeves at WR or Standifer being "more of a safety".

Mr Mackey

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Aww thanks that means so much!

You, on the other hand, are adding everything to the conversation. Confirming what you view as a fact that we are recruiting him for corner, even though you have absolutely nothing to back up what you say. Thanks for you contribution!

And also, you're completely wrong about Morgan. He has publicly said that he would look at Michigan if a spot opens up. It's unlikely that he ends up here, but the ship has not completely sailed. Try again, Ace.


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Good lord you are useless.

The Morgan ship has sailed because of Michigan.  The coaches are not recruiting him anymore.  That's fact. 

And it has been confirmed (since my post) by one of the mods on a paysite (other than 247) that Richardson is indeed the issue.  He is being pulled in different directions - a part of him always wanted to take visits and that was his dream, the other part wants to ultimately go to Michigan and not let his current (and future) teammates down.  Apparently he is leaning towards risking his spot and taking visits.

I summarize premium information and this is the thanks I get.  I know my tone is not very "nice" but I am anything but "Ace" or a rumor monger. 

Mr Mackey

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So what about Reeves' quote that "I wasn't because of anyone going anywhere else, it was more because of the group of guys that they have now."?

That makes it sound like it's Standifer, like some of the rumblings have suggested.


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What can Reeves really say in that situation, "it's because Terry Richardson is thinking about taking visits"?  I doubt it.  I also doubt the coaches tell other kids, "hey we're recruiting you because one of our guys might take visits and we'll consider him gone if he does".  I doubt that as well.

Also, "because of the group of guys they have now" could easily imply that one of the guys they have now is thinking about testing the waters, and they (the coaches) don't like that. 

Also, common sense says we have 5 scholarships available and desperately need 2 DT's and 2 WRs.  Do you really think we're going to use that last scholarship to take another DB?  Especially since at corner we have three young guys competing for playing time? 

Mr Mackey

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I'm not saying that it's about Standifer. I never said that I personally think it's about him, I'm just saying that you cannot say it's definitely about Richardson. When I hear that he decommits or is taking visits, then it is confirmed. But it's not yet, so don't act like it's a fact.

Also, calling me "useless" on the internet is doing nothing. You do that almost every time you comment on my posts, and it's really having no effect. I don't pretend to know more than anyone here. I just love Michigan and come here for the best news. At least I'm not a complete douchecock like you. So go ahead and keep doing it. If it makes you happy, then good for you.


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Noone is winning any arguments or points. we have an awesome class going and this type of thing happens 7 months+ away from signing day. Michigan will regain its tradition, toughness on D, and I see lots of Big 10 championships in our future. Who cares about one guy leaving, our defense has many needs but they will all be filled come the season.


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I have absolutley nothing against a kid taking his visits and enjoying this expierience, but if he has been told about the "first come, first serve" tactic and he wants to take visits AFTER he has commited in my eyes thats not being about the team.


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If you're taking visits after you have committed, then you're not really committed.  That's what the staff is probably telling him.  If a player is still window shopping, then the school needs to be recruiting other players.


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The way I see it, we are bound to lose a couple of kids to decommitment at some point.

I don't say that because of predictions about our season or anything along those lines. Its just that almost every team has a couple kids decommit in a given recruiting year. And with around 7 months until signing day, the chances seem high we will lose someone.

So for that reason, it only makes sense that the coaches would be keeping lines open with recruits. 

Its not something I'm too worried about considering the monstrous class we have set up at the moment. We may lose one or two but we'll add at least that back and end up with a top 10 class at worst.

I'm so excited for the future!!!

True Blue Grit

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someone's wavering in his commitment.  I just can't see taking another DB with our other needs out there.  Unless for example the coaches are happy with 5 OL commits + 2 preferred walkons, and use that spot for a really good CB like Reeves.  But to me, getting 2 really good DT's would be a better use of scholarships as well as 2 WR's.  And I think we need to keep a spot open in case we can get Dunn away from the Dark Side.  It'll be interesting to see how all this plays out. 


August 2nd, 2011 at 6:24 PM ^

I'm not disagreeing with you (in fact I tend to agree) but I would say there are other ways of looking at it. For one, they may have a spot which, at this point, is simply for "best talent available" (Diamond/Reeves?/Dunn/Fuller, etc.) more than for a certain position. Also- it is possibleHoke and Co. are worried about corner. After this year we will have exactly one proven commodity who has displayed potential on the field at that position- Avery. Everyone else is unkown, and will still be underclassmen to boot. People generally assume Countess will do well, that Tamani Carter probably has a low ceiling, and as to Brown and Taylor? Who knows. That leaves a lot to unproven underclassmen in 2012, and that's before you count in the possibility of attrition. Grade problesm, injuries and transfers could potentially alter the situation further.

Even assuming Richardson is solid and Standiffer is a genuine corner (contrary to some rumors), it could be that Hoke feels the need to hedge his bets. We've all seen what can happen when the worst ALWAYS happens to your secondary.

That's just all theorizing. I certainly agree (and tend to think) two DT's are important and that we'll get them. But we do have SDE's who could slide over and play some tackle. We don't have anyone who can play corner if Avery's legs fall off and Taylor and brown prove to be somewhere in the meh-to-bleh range.


August 2nd, 2011 at 6:46 PM ^

everyone was pining for Reeves, we had to have him, he's the best DB on our list, etc.  Now we can't understand why the coaches want him.

I'm going to go out on a limb and venture a guess that Coach Hoke understands his team's need and the recruiting landscape better than any of us.  God knows he's out recruited me over the past few months.  I'll trust his judgement and assume i'll be pleased the night of the first Wednesday in February 2012.